Contemporary Peter Block Video… I say Peter is the best Change teacher in the world.


As I was inviting Peter Block to keynote or better yet to guide a conversation for hours at our upcoming Asian OD network conference in Bali, I ran across this video. I believe that it’s important to assimilate for anyone who was serious about change management.

Peter was perhaps one of the most successful consultants in organization development and change in the world in the 70s and 80s. He was at Esso when the first internal change group was established from the leaders of National Training Laboratories like Shepherd and Bob Blake and Argyris.

Now he travels less and spends a lot of time applying what he’s learned in 50 years changing organizations to his local community in Cincinnati Ohio.

His current sharing of the principle of “Changing the conversation. Changing the culture” still applies to what we are doing in the organizations today.

Enjoy his Humour.

This is especially relevant for me because I am entering also into Ohio and the Great Lakes with a whole system transformation effort. Peter will be one of our content foundations.

From the site : “With irreverent humor and unmistakable love for humanity, Peter provides the basis and protocols for the Small Group methodology of community engagement, along with inspiration for the restorative movement.

“Get over this notion that there’s something wrong with me, or that those people need to change. How are we going to create an alternative to the world that we’ve inherited? To me, that’s restorative.” —Peter Block, Citizen of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Link to Essential Peter Block video 

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