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AODN Certificate on Whole System Transformation (TM): First of 50 videos

June 4, 2018


The purpose of  video 1 is to share deep personally my relationship with Whole System Transformation (WST) or the “WHY” of my 50 year legacy transmit. The theory, “WHY” and practice will follow. Dr. Parker, my personal physician, and Geoff who is learning WST gave me feedback on my first draft video. I have incorporated their wisdom.  Geoff said that I must put emphasis on “HOW” Whole System Transformation (WST)is done in the upcoming videos.  Ideally, we will become interactive with you all and learn together.

I figure I still have 5-7 years to travel. At time I will settle in Minnesota in nice weathered days and the Bahamas in the winter…all while I continue to be present around the world consulting in a hologram modality. The cost should be right by that time.

I have seen enough of the world. As I age, I wish to see/experience more of my transcendent consciousness. Just give me access to right food,  fresh air, a woods  or beach to walk on and I will be joyed.

My commitment to  Divine Life is to do my small part in bringing alive Asia with Organization Development and Transformation.

Link to my introductory video to transmit my legacy of Whole System Transformation (WST).

My videos are not for the “Masses of the Asses”, as Dr. Kendric, my social psychology professor named the common folk. These videos are not for the run of the mill agent of change. They are for those who wish to get to know me but most importantly for those learning WST with my guidance.

I oft say. An excellent professional agent of change and transformation needs the education of brain surgeon. I have such. With out being velcrowed to my hip, some may get a few ideas to develop their own practice of helping. I believe  I have answers to the counter act the great failure rate of  change work and one really never learns such without being immersed with me in a client experience. As the popular Internet Nation  Wide Insurance commercial says. “We have seen a thing or two so we know a thing or two.”



Motivation: The greatest lecture I have ever heard on motivation.

February 4, 2014

Motivation: The greatest lecture I have ever heard on motivation.



A long time client now an internal change agent at a Fortune 100 Corporation is designing a multi day conference for 200 executives. The top executive has one of the themes of the conference being that of  “Motivation”!! 


I am suggesting they hire Dan Pink or at least see this video. He is that great. 

Here is his Wholy Trinity of motivation. I heard Dan Pink speak first hand in an hour version of his sermon with Dr. Noel Tichy at the last Linkage OD Summit a few years ago. 

The first leg of the three legged stool is Autonomy. Any one who knowns me realizes that Freedom of choice has always been one of my prime values. Just look at my Argyris Video and you will see my conviction.


The second value is Purpose: Anyone who knows me has been hit with Purpose in everything I do. It started for me in the 60’s with Ron LIppit.

The third value is mastery. For me that is what OD is all about. Self as mastery and the change agent helping the organization become better and better. Sounds like development to me.


Roland from Africa.  

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