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Yes. Even Roland Can Change!! Introducing Accelerated Talent Management Utilizing WST

June 23, 2013


Here I am with my friend  of 28 years, Professor William J. Rothwell. Arguably, he is one of world’s gurus around talent management and succession planning. Certainly is Number 1 in Asia.

According to U.S. News and World Report, we can say without argument that he heads the number one HRD Masters and Ph.D program at Penn State

He suggested we team up and incorporate his wisdom around talent management and my proven methodology around whole system transformation.

We have named it accelerated talent management(™)  utilizing whole system transformation(™)  or ATM: WST

In the previous blog I introduced you to Dr. John Spence. He says the number one issue today in organizations is talent management.

Bill and I believe that we can embed talent management faster, cheaper and better than it’s ever been done before.

See the accompanying article for a deeper explanation. I am open to talking about this with you at any time. The best way to reach me is at

Accelerated Talent Management™:

Utilizing Whole System Transformation ™  Methodology

 Many organizations are experiencing the need to improve the number and quality of people they attract, develop and retain so as to meet needs resulting from such issues as pending retirements, explosive business growth, or competitive problems. While talent management is usually associated with a systematic process of attracting, developing and retaining talented people, about 70 percent of all such programs fail within the first 3 years. There are many reasons for failure. Common reasons include:

-Executive leadership not completely involved and aligned around strategic workplace learning,

-Lack of clear and measurable goals,

-Lack of clear roles for different stakeholder groups (such as senior leaders, HR practitioners, operating managers, and workers),

-lack of accountability systems to ensure that each stakeholder group acts according to their expected roles to help the organization achieve its targeted talent goals

-The critical mass not engaged in the understanding and assimilation of strategic direction

-All employees engaged rather than having a program cascaded and imposed upon them

Setting up and sustaining a talent program can be challenging. Many elements must be integrated if a talent management program is to be successful. Organizations need present and future profiles of ideal performers (competency models), performance management systems that are objective and well integrated with measurable organizational productivity goals, objective promotion systems, and systematic approaches to build individual and group capacity to meet future organizational needs. Creating these elements can be time-consuming and expensive.  Working in large transformative summits  reduce the cost and risk of failure. Software solutions alone will not work simply because they provide the means to use the existing content that must be created by the organization and its leaders in ways that are effectively tied to national and organizational culture.

One solution is to first help Executive leadership transform their attitude, behavior and direction for managing and leading the talent of the organization. Secondly we design summits with design teams representing the enterprise as a whole. Thirdly we set up a perpetual talent management journey that sustains itself long-term. Fourthly we focus on helping an internal change agent(s) to continue to facilitate the effort with reduced dependence on external resources.

In sum, the purpose of Accelerated Talent Management™ (ATM) is to execute a systematic approach that builds commitment among decision-makers and workers while also creating the essential elements of an effective talent and succession management system that produces a thriving business.

ImageHere is Dr. Glenda.

Not since Glenda and I consulted General Motors and integrated her great Human System Philosophy with my WST have I done such a collaboration. You see. I am pure process. Process supports all content.