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New York’s Columbia University convenes the greatest ever OD Certificate in Asia for the first time.

June 6, 2013

New York’s Columbia University convenes the greatest ever OD Certificate in Asia for the first time.

Countless people over the years have asked me for my recommendation of OD certificates. 

I have always said, for as long as I can remember, that the best initial OD education is the world is the Columbia OD Certificate.  Columbia has always been connected to authentic OD right from the 6O’s. Billie Alban, who IMHO, is the senior woman OD founder living today, started this program with Dr. Hornstein. Through the guidance of Dr. Warner Burke ( the most popular published author in the history of organization change)  have handed it over to Dr. Bunker and Dick Axlerod.  Both are emanate OD professionals. They have spent their entire life being OD thought leaders. And of course, I have a special love for them because they both are masters of large group work.

My friend, Naharuddin Ahmad Zabid, asked me to bring the best OD learning from an Ivy League University in the USA to Singapore and Malaysia   I choose to work with Dr. Burke from Columbia. He has agreed to allow his OD certificate to leave New York for the first time and travel to Malaysia. Herein is the brochure. Who do you know who might benefit? Yes. It is expensive. Yes. It is the absolute best in the world, IMHO. It is practical. It is tested. It is true OD. I expect the investment to return many times from the applied learning. We will see what we can do to measure the strategic value. 

What the world needs now is help with change management. This certificate offers the best learning for Change Agents. 

Sorry, but I see the blind leading the blind in terms of change management these days. Those of us like, Burke, Bunker, Axlerod, Alban, Hornstein, Pasmore and others who have been thinking about change each day of our lives for 50 years. We have some things figured out. We are ready to share our wisdom with others. 

Feel free to contact myself or MaJa, (, if you have any questions. 


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