The Food Revolution. Here is a link to free Summit where almost 250,000 people attended.

May 13, 2017

An Invitation for you and your family.

I follow this researched diet to the “T.” Listening to each of these presentations, changed my life.

This is the feedback I sent John Robbins.

“John and Ocean you are stall worth change agents. This summit has been extraordinary. I am one of the original change agents. I have spent my entire creating a revolution in the world of organization change. Now my daughter is doing better than I was at the age of 29. You are an extraordinary father-son team. John’s legacy will go for eons through Ocean. I am touched as the two of talk about each other. NOW. REST NOT!!! Keep going. The two of you are model human beings. YOU ARE GOD’s Gift to humanity today! Love your phrase: “grounded hope.” We are moving into the Age of Aquarius. Let the sun shine in!!

This experience of my listening to your 6th Food Revolution Summit, committed, yours truly, to eating perfectly the whole plant based food!!!!

An idea for next year:
Include the famed Sadhgrue from India. I learned from him years ago that the greatest healing treatment is food. I know he supports 1000% everything you all represent.

As I go forth in an effort to eradiate poverty for a major country in Asia, I will ensure that your food revolution resource will be included.


Roland, one of the few direct disciples of Dr. Sivananda India. (a medical doctor and Swami) Dr. Ornish is a direct 7-year disciple of Satchidananda, Swami Satchidananda lived 7 years with Sivananda around the 50’s.

PS. Now John. Simply do more yoga. Yoga kundalini realization will give you more grace and power to change the world… you will enter the milieu of divine love sooner than later.

PS1. Yes. When I was a teenager, my favorite ice cream was Baskin-Robbins.”


From John and Ocean Robbins:

The response to the 2017 Food Revolution Summit has been extraordinary. More than 260,000 people signed up, and messages of appreciation have been pouring in from all over the world.

So many people have been asking us to make the presentations from the Food Revolution Summit more widely available, that we’ve decided to do just that.

We’re rebroadcasting the entire Food Revolution Summit, all 24 presentations, for a special Encore Weekend.

Catch the entire Food Revolution Summit on replay now, right here.

When? You can stream the ENTIRE Food Revolution Summit on demand, for no charge all day Friday May 12th, Saturday May 13th, and Sunday May 14th.

For the next three days, you can get free access to all the game-changing, must-have


Eat This Way or Die Early: IT IS UP TO YOU TO TRANSFORM!!

April 27, 2017

I am now including strong personal development in my Whole System Transformation modality consulting. Food is key. I now with the live whole plant based diet obsessively. I have been integrating this diet in helping some individual clients. I am getting results. One has reversed cancer. One is reversing depression. Another is reversing heart disease. Another was cured of diabetes two.  One long term client has gone off asthma medication completely.

Here are four key resources for the whole plant based diet:

  1. Dr. Ornish – one of President Clinton’s heart doctors. I have known Dr. Ornish since the 60s. Dr. Ornish mentions (first video below) Swami Satchidananda, who studied and lived with Dr. Swamiji Sivananda for 7 years in Rishikesh, India. I am a direct disciple of Sivananda. Indirectly, Sivananda is the seed that is dramatically changing health worldwide. He said that the number one dynamic is essentially what one puts in one mouth. We ARE what we eat.   Dr. Ornish, from Harvard, studied with Satchidananda for 7 years as I did. There’s a pedagogical connection and the influence that Sivananda has had on  Dr. Ornish yours truly. I believe that Dr. Ornish has the first food research in the food revolution that is here now!! The number of Doctors and health care experts that are flooding the new scientifically nutrition based movement is rapidly growing by the day worldwide.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

2. Dr. Fuhrman ( you can visit his website here)

More people have viewed Dr. Fuhrman in Public Broadcasting System (PBS) health series than any other recent public TV Program. Here is an example of his many videos on YouTube

Video 4

3.  Dr. Greger (you can visit his website here)

Dr. Greger is new young Doctor that offers all his solidly researched nutrition wisdom on his website free. He dedicates his life to his Grandmother who was given weeks to live with heart disease but then went on to live another 30 or so years.

  Video 5

The above  Whole Plant Based Diet is said to prevent the top 15 causes of death today.

In a different vein,  here is a quote from the video below that  I copied for my daughter, Arielle,  from the person I listen to the most regarding the future: “In 10 to 15 years: We are launching our longevity factor faster than time passing by.” – Ray Kurzweil, Spring 2017



Interestingly, I adjust my diet almost every month based on the plethora of new science and research. Join the revolution. Sooner or later, the standard American diet (SAD) will be bearing the same warnings as cigarettes were years ago. The plant-based diet will indeed prevent most diseases! So start now if you wish to experience the new bright world. Transform yourself and your family now!!

The Best Ever Re-write of my Life’s Learning!

March 22, 2017

Click here to read:

Whole System Transformation edited with Nihar Sharma’s personality.


I am becoming more clear day by day that the above paper is one very significant way to approach learning, transformation, and organization change.

We are applying such in the first ever public Large Group Interactive Summit in Jakarta.

Go to the Linkedin or Facebook site for Asia Organization Development Network to follow along in our journey.

Serendipitously, the Asia OD Network brought Lenny Lind in from C0-Vision with his technology to support the summit coming up. Unknowing to me, he put forth the architecture of the whole system transformation (WST). The current President of Asia OD Network, Mr. Irham Dilmy, really liked it and said let’s proceed. Now the pressure is on. We hope to produce the most transformative exciting resourced Organization Development summit ever in the world. Never will so many OD gurus like Edgar Schein, Barbara Bunker, and Peter Block come together for a dialogue on change and transformation with over 20 of the top Business Leaders in Asia.

The designers call it a WOW summit because Dr. Perla Tayko’s Whole Brain Literacy underpins Maja Sullivan’s WST.

Stay tuned. I thought I could retire and go to the mountains and meditate but the world keeps pulling back into doing what I love to do. And that is to help transform other change agents as they transform their organizations or communities.

A Historic Video From The Son Of My Mentor Ron Lippitt

March 19, 2017

My daughter, Arielle, asked me to share with her what I knew about OD families. Here is a son, Larry Lippitt, of one our founders in action.

I did the first community development intervention in Minnesota at Duluth with Larry’s father, Ron. We did a preferred future lab.

Larry shares significant history. Preferred Futuring is one of the first 5 or so of the large group modalities. Others are Appreciative Inquiry, Search, Future Search, Open Space  Technology and Kathie Dannenmiller’s Whole Scale Change. Kathie lived next door to Larry and Ron Lippitt and considers Ron her primary mentor. Ron influenced me before Kathie had a relationship with him. I read his Planning of Change book that was published in the late 50s in the early 60s.  The book said that the best group work education was at GeorgeWillams so I spent a year there. WOW. What an experience. Even Statistics was a T-Group.

Enjoy this historic video that I obtained from a new relationship with Professor Gerhard Fratzer from Germany.

My professional vision is simply to bring alive the legacy of Ron Lippitt and Kathleen Dannemiller.

OD, Yoga, Technology and Love

February 22, 2017


Reading this brought a tear to my eye. Just this morning I was creating a new yoga program using secret technology with a device I named the “Rocket.” I decided to use the word “LOVE” as the mantra or point of concentration.

The story how I came to such a conclusion is a book in and of itself.  Here is an short version: I am a degreed philosopher. One of my two living gurus is Peter Koestenbaum. In my opinion, Dr. Koestenbaum is most significant leadership philosopher of the last century. With his help and doing yoga and practicing OD on a daily basis, I concluded at my extended silent Jesuit Ateneo retreat with my wife a year ago that Life is ALL ABOUT INFINITE LOVE.

So Einstein and yours truly, an un-famous farm boy from rural Minnesota, and I have come to the same conclusions about Divine Life. Love is the answer. And now the tears… I write this to share with my daugher Arielle Therese who is superseding my life’s yoga transformation and OD practice.

Einstein’s letter to his daughter 

Re-publication of 3 Key Ed Schein Videos

February 3, 2017



A link to 3 excellent videos by Dr. Schein

I was working this morning on my role as advisor to the “Future Leadership Project” in India. I neither believe in Advice nor projects. And Harvard Research says that CEO’s give leadership development these days a great big fat “F.”  So to make my point I referred Pravat to Ed Schein’s Videos. We need to model curiosity and listening rather than tell people what to do like so many leaders do in Asia.

By the way, Maja is the support to bring Ed Schein virtually to do the opening keynote at our next Asia OD Network Summit in Bali. Ed totally transformed last year’s Summit in China. He engaged all the CEO’s in the room deeply on the spot.  He confronted them and said that they “WERE THE CULTURE.” And then he listened to them and then suggested that they listen to all the participants. Maja then broke the Summit into groups and each of the 7 CEO’s had their own breakout group. One could hear a pin drop because the listening was so intense.

Our summit coming up will have Peter Block join Ed and it will be a WOW!!!  Stay tuned!!


Roland for Maja

The Use Of Nutrition To Reverse Our Top 15 Killing Diseases

January 23, 2017

I am a whole system transformation consultant.  Such means I need to be helpful to the whole person of my client. I have two CEO clients right now dealing with cancer. My research on how to help has transformed my life and my diet. I offer this to my two friends

I dedicate this to my two friends who not do not have cancer but showed interest in my  health research .  They are: Dr. David Noer and Lenny Lend.  Maja and Mr.

Maja, my wife and Mr. Lend are working on putting together a stranger whole system transformation experience in Bali October  20 to 22nd, 2017. Doctor

Doctor Noer is writing an exquisite book on the history of OD.  All of us have been colleagues since the 70s.

I believe David went to Pepperdine a year before I did in the late 70s. He was the leader of the famed Center for Leadership and has contributed a great deal to the world of change.  I follow  on LinkedIn like a puppy follows their master.

Mr. Lind,  founder of Co-Vision is my first choice for any technology support for my large group interactive active events.  In fact, no one has the advanced technology that he has and understands the uniqueness of one of my large meetings.

Link to a wake-up call to transform your whole person through nutrition. We have the science. The research exists. Here in my mind is the person who is doing the most thorough research on health nutrition in the world today. All of his information and facts are available free of charge to anyone. His work is being translated into many languages.


Values and Family Business: Differentiating Organization Change from Change Management

November 14, 2016

Yesterday, I blogged about a recent student and client, Jen Todd,  hitting the bell of  phenomenal success.  Now, here is one of my students from the 70s becoming famous in Europe. Dr. Randel Carlock was a student of mine at the University of Minnesota.  He then became one of my first clients where we published utilizing Whole System Transformation (WST).  We transformed his entire chain, Audio King.  All six or 700 employees were involved.  We staggered the two summits so that half of the people were back serving customers.  One practical action that came out was simply that, each customer was to be greeted within four seconds of walking in the door.  So much occurred. Randy  received standing ovations. Individual, team,  store and system-wide actions and commitments were established with a measurement system.  All became one heart and one brain. Randy became closer to his employees than ever before.  He radiated as a leader.  Everybody loved Randy. Everyone was excited about executing the  new vision just created by the executive team in Phase 1 of my intervention.

Managers  who utilized and practiced the new values that we co-created went on to be stars at Apple or Best Buy!!!

For those of you who know me.  I am all about values and valuing and letting the values of the group naturally emerge rather than impose like most HR people do.  This is a beautiful article  on values and the family business. Most of our organizations today are family owned businesses.

And  to say the least,  I’m so proud of a previous client as well as a student, Dr. Randel Carlock, who is making his mark big time in the world of change.  It looks like my obsession with values sunk into Dr. Carlock’s consciousness.

Click here to view a video and article

Here in my usual stream of consciousness mindset is a link to Change Management Standard which I believe do not have the ability to harmonize work with values and culture.  For example, Peter Block says that organization change must be about  relationships.  Relationships are value ladened.  If I recall,  the word relationship only appears once in the context of human dynamics in the standard for change management.

I believe that the focus on values is one of the differentiators  between change management and organization change.  We deal with the emotional intelligence of a system.  We are not trainers. We are process people.  We are not quality circles  on  steroids from the 80s  with modern project management tools losing employee energy in problem-solving.  I realized that there is less focus on problem-solving today than there was yesterday.  And change management is finally starting to understand agility   and not be so focused on tools.

For a link to the first of 15 videos,  search YouTube “Standard for Change Managment Sullivan.”

or here is the link to the prelude:

The crucifixion of change management!

These videos were prepared as a response to an invitation for feedback from the standard planning and designing committee.  My heart is totally behind them.  I’m just trying to bring in the influence that I received from 50 years of working with the masters of organization development in the Kurt Lewin legacy.  Values always surfaced deeply in the T-Group.

One of my recommendations was to cut out the 40 or so steps that were to be taken before anyone even started a change management effort.   I counted the cost of such of the people’s time and the consultant cost.  We were into the hundreds of thousands of dollars before we even started.  My process has the executives by the heart within three hours of their time.  Such happens from working in the field every day for 50 years.

Change management was allegedly created by engineers.

But I still love Scott Ross, who invited my feedback,  just the same,  he really has his heart in the right place.  He and his wife  are so  authentic and well-meaning.



Are U interested in being a change maker? If so, here is a super lab with my pal, Jen Todd.

November 12, 2016


My comment to this video:

Fantastic. Jen is super. Jen & I transformed Allstate. She is one of those people that is most closely aligned with who I am. So if this speaks to you, do not hesitate to attend. Jen and I are transforming economically poor women in Africa with my Whole System Transformation (WST) separately.



She talks about going non-stop as a corporate change agent. I go non-stop serving. I meditate when I am not working. I watch no TV. Even have given up my Minnesota Vikings. I love Jen and everything she is about. She is one of the best OD consultants that I know. Her small daughter is a joy. My daughter looks up to her.


Click here to view the incredible invitation.

Experience her honesty and her energy!!!


Jen was the person I transferred my WST to in the case below:

Case #2: Allstate ORGANIZATION DEMOGRAPHIC • The company is the nation’s (USA) largest publicly-held personal lines insurer and provides products to more than 17 million households. • The Customer and Enterprise Services (CES) group served as a pilot group. • It includes most of the organization’s call centers and back office functions that delivers crucial services to both premium-paying customers and internal business units. • It works with more than 220 million customer interactions each year CHALLENGE • The end customer and internal business clients were asking the CES group to change. • Customer loyalty and satisfaction had been stagnant at best and needed improvement in direct sales/service and product support. • The business clients were asking for CES to improve cost effectiveness and support them in meeting their business goals. • It was clear their customers and clients had become very dissatisfied with their support. PROCESS See figure 1 RESULTS • Six million USD was spent on the intervention. A measured 100 million was realized. • The customer index went up from 77 to 84%. A new transformation department was created of now 20 internal transformation consultants.


Email me if u wish the publications of this case.






An authorative outlook for Aisa- 2017.

November 10, 2016



2017 Outlook of Asian companies

Skimmed this. May be useful for those leading change in Asia.

I just learned in David Rock’s leadership Summit

link to neuroleadership Summit

that we really can not plan out to the future like we once did. To0 much change happening. I think we need to plan with a critical a mass of the organization what we are going to do NOW.

All and all. We have a wonderful future.  whole system transformation will speed up the path to the wonderful future.

With my wonderful pals from Asia. My heart just jumps when I see them. They are so innocent. So curious. So trying hard to make it. They are plowing the ground for a  wonderful India-2020.  My friend on the left had the most wonderful personal transformation in our executive team intensive.