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March 30, 2019

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Dr. Cady has two editions of The Change Handbook.


This article will be in the third edition. It will be out with a new name. It will be interactive. Thus, very exciting!


I am doing the most significant work of my life so my WordPress Blog  is my only way of  sharing.

An important message to wrap up 2018!!

November 13, 2018

Colin Blackwell here is  quote you wanted.

“The acceleration of change that I have been speaking about publicly since 1969 is now accelerating exponentially in conclaves like the UK, Shenzhen and Vietnam,”


For the rest of you Blackwell is one on my young Global AI/Internet everything guru’s. Amazing  CEO who really who lives in today’s future. But more importantly he is leading significant Exponential Transformation Learning Experiences around the world. He even has contact with IBM Watson.

PS. And yes, I declare today that the USA is stumbling.

Prayers to students from the University my daughter just received her Masters from in Pepperdine. Just heard the most devastating fire in CA’s history is  very near the campus and  homes of some professors have burned to the ground!

Roland’s WST videos locked in the past now available on Vimeo- FREE!

October 15, 2018

In the light of Schein’s spirit of humility, I have opened for the first time confidential work from the past for your learning enjoyment.

A favorite of mine: A link to an Ode to Dr. Bennis:

An Ode to Dr. Bennis

Another set was made when I was entering a top  Russian system. We were just one layer away from Putin.

I remind you. I have no political stance. I am a pure applied behavioral scientist.  I work with data I see…objectively!

If I was  concerned about not working with any country that had it right around human rights, I simply would not find such country and not work.

What I have learned from different cultures over the years is amazing. In WST, human rights naturally develop in the right direction! I have a degree in philosophy.  In natural law, good overcomes the not so good!

My purpose now is to leave my legacy of transforming individuals, teams, organizations, trans-organizations, countries and world regions to you via my family and a few close change/transformation agents, like Irham Dilmy, transformation advisor to his Indonesian government.

I have come to peace with my immortality. I now just work, pray and be with my family. By choice. No TV. No friends. No music on the radio. No art fairs or sightseeing (except when I have to be in loving presence with my wife who enjoys sightseeing.)

Oh yes. Another huge exception – I follow a past client, the Minnesota Vikings as long as they are still in the superbowl hunt. Their most famous coach is in his 90s. He still has his desk/office in the new practice facility. At one time just after he retired, his official title on the  door  was “OD Specialist.”

The Vikings are so innovative and team focused and change obsessed. Their mantra simply is: Perform better today over yesterday and help all in the system do the same. And then unleash creativity, innovation and have fun. Oh, yes. They recieve mindfulness training to stay concentrated with a relaxed mind during the games.

Do you know their youngest media person is a little girl just 10 years old. She sits in the most advanced recording studio in the NFL and interviews the players. The Vikings as of this moment have the best technology available along with the most technological advanced stadium and practice facility in the world.  Their main consultant is an exponential change technology person in his early 20s. He is all about data driven decision making and using of all the latest cloud technology.

It all starts at the top with the owners and executive leadership!

The owners are loved by all in the system. And yes, all recognize it is all about winning and if one is not contributing performance, they are replaced by the “next person up.”

It is still a business!!!! A   tough business because a bounce of the ball may determine the winner in the  game.

You may need to cut and past the following links.

The new Viking Performance Center
Now I am cheering for you. Remember, I say the world will be 1  billion times different in 40 years. Do you have your transformation journey in place???
Roland for wife Maja
Here in Asia last month: Clothes are gifts from Change Agent, Ayu, in Indonesia.
PS. I do not apologize for being Personal. OD is all about being personal!. I am just modeling what I learned from the founders.

Must Read. New Book by The Schein’s on “Humble Leadership.”

August 16, 2018

Over view of Ed and Peter Schein’s new book

Ed is the Senior living active original change agent. .

This video of your’s truly was just sent to me by my friend, Roby. It is my history in OD The ISODC is a key birthplace.  See minute 31 for the story.

Roland story of entering the world of OD.

By the way, The first text book handed to me from Dr. Gerard Egan at Loyola University was none other then Ed Schien’s Process Consultation book.

Wisdom From Founding Giants in the Field of Organization Development

July 8, 2018

Bob, Pat, and Dick were truly three of my best friends. At one time or another I hired all three and I published Dick and Bob.

Pat approached me for publication and we were working on a book but did not get it done floor he left this life to dance with the cowboy angels in the sky.

They talk about the Pepperdine program that I was blessed and grateful to be able to attend in the late 70s. It really comes out of silicon valley. It was housed at San Jose State for eight years before moving to pepperdine.

Pat ran the show. And now I tear up as I reflect on my daughter just graduating from the same program. She was the youngest in the class and I was told by two of her professors that she was a star especially in processing groups.

Classic historic video on the start up organization development and Pepperdine program.

More Introduction on the Comprehensive Certificate on Whole System Transformation Videos

June 30, 2018



In the video I talk about systems and action learning research.

link to Roland Sullivan Transformation Certificate Introduction 2 Part 1 of 3

Plus a link to tremendous resources from the life time accomplishments of Weisbord.

Still a general introduction of the domains that I will be sharing the practical wisdom going forth.

Introduction to  “Self as Instrument”.

I mention singularity with passion. If you are not hip to what I am talking about your are about to become history as a helper.

I end with my famous speech on change that I have given since 1969. Warren Bennis inspired me to do so. If you do not know who Bennis is and care about change than you just might watch each video.

These videos are not entertainment. They are serious for those that are serious regarding change making.

They are a supplement to my consulting. I wish to share practices freely with all.


Roland for Yogi Maja Sullivan, my legacy home.

link to Roland Sullivan Transformation Certificate Introduction 2 Part 1 of 3

AODN Certificate on Whole System Transformation (TM): First of 50 videos

June 4, 2018


The purpose of  video 1 is to share deep personally my relationship with Whole System Transformation (WST) or the “WHY” of my 50 year legacy transmit. The theory, “WHY” and practice will follow. Dr. Parker, my personal physician, and Geoff who is learning WST gave me feedback on my first draft video. I have incorporated their wisdom.  Geoff said that I must put emphasis on “HOW” Whole System Transformation (WST)is done in the upcoming videos.  Ideally, we will become interactive with you all and learn together.

I figure I still have 5-7 years to travel. At time I will settle in Minnesota in nice weathered days and the Bahamas in the winter…all while I continue to be present around the world consulting in a hologram modality. The cost should be right by that time.

I have seen enough of the world. As I age, I wish to see/experience more of my transcendent consciousness. Just give me access to right food,  fresh air, a woods  or beach to walk on and I will be joyed.

My commitment to  Divine Life is to do my small part in bringing alive Asia with Organization Development and Transformation.

Link to my introductory video to transmit my legacy of Whole System Transformation (WST).

My videos are not for the “Masses of the Asses”, as Dr. Kendric, my social psychology professor named the common folk. These videos are not for the run of the mill agent of change. They are for those who wish to get to know me but most importantly for those learning WST with my guidance.

I oft say. An excellent professional agent of change and transformation needs the education of brain surgeon. I have such. With out being velcrowed to my hip, some may get a few ideas to develop their own practice of helping. I believe  I have answers to the counter act the great failure rate of  change work and one really never learns such without being immersed with me in a client experience. As the popular Internet Nation  Wide Insurance commercial says. “We have seen a thing or two so we know a thing or two.”



An Ode to Tony Petrella… One of the greatest change agents ever!

May 31, 2018

It is great joy for me to create the following video.

Link to 10 minute video

I  speak about:

Tony’s effective contributions

His strengths

My and his relationship to his wife, Linda

His relationship with our joint prized mentor, Dr. Robert Tannenbaum

The commitment he made to address our upcoming Asia OD Network Summit

If you have seen other videos by yours truly, you will see me in the same shirt as Tony is in below.



Joy to the world. Let us celebrate the phenomenal impact Tony had on change makers!!

Another Dedication to Ed Schein: The Most Active Living Founder of OD

April 15, 2018

Below are five relatively current videos by Ed Schein that articulate his latest views on  culture and the world of change. 

Schein is my hero. We dedicated one of our Practicing Organization Development editions to Ed. We say:

We dedicate this book to Edgar Schein for:

-Cofounding and then being the major lead in documenting  the theory and practice of the new field of OD in its start up phase via the well-known Addison-Wesley series;

– Being the first to articulate the constraints of the consultants role as expert and advisor, and for articulating the than new notion that the consultant should help others discover what they need and then with sensitivity facilitate them towards their desired state;

( Ed shares the story on how he learned the above in the second or third video by Maja below.)

– Helping the field of organization change and development become aware that results in change efforts come largely from the design, facilitation, and management of processes;

– Making the concept of “process consultation” a household word among change agents; and 

– His contributions while being a Sloan fellows professor of management emeritus and senior lecture at MIT Sloan school of management through his countless articles, videos and books. 

Let’s end with a personal story.

In the fall of 1969, the famous doctoral student, at Loyola University of Chicago, Father Gerard Egan, handed me a book by Ed Schein titled Process Consultation. (It was the first book in the Addison Wesley OD series.) Then Egan said to me, “Welcome to your new masters program in Organization Development.” He said that this was our first textbook. At the time in 1969, I was the only person in the upcoming Masters program in OD at Loyola. 

The second textbook Egan gave me was his yet to be presented thesis titled Encounter. My first assignment was to proof it and offer feedback. To this day, some of us original Change Agents believe the book Encounter is still the best researched book on group dynamics in existence. Organization Development uniquely has a focus on Group Dynamics.

A few weeks latter, Egan gave me the  next two textbooks that were also in the Addison Wesley series by Beckhard and Bennis. From the Bennis book is where I took my famous statement that I’ve given to every group publicly since 1969.Here it is again:

We are entering an epoch of a dizzying rate of change.  Expect more positive change to occur the rest of your life since the beginning of the recording in civilization 4,500 years ago.

Well, in the year 2018, I  believe we just reached the explosion of that forecasted change. Now, I say expect more positive change in the next 20 to 25 years than in the past 400 to 500 years!

Artificial Intelligence, singularity, digital transformation, exponential change, the global brain, and IBM Watson for the cloud have all arrived!

Hang onto your hats! We are entering just now the most exciting time in the history of civilization.

Here are the videos:


Another 3 Videos on Maja’s interview with Schein on Culture.



Roland & Maja





Roland Sullivan Shares Theorems for His Whole System Transformation Modality – ELEMENT 1- SYSTEMS

April 11, 2018

This is the first of a series of maybe 20-30 videos required viewing for the  Internal Change Agent (ICA) that I transfer competence to.  I velcro ICAs to my hip as I use immersion to help them learn how to transform the systems in front of them. Immersion in 5 week modules is the way Barbara Bunker learned OD at NTL.  Barbara is the senior living woman who has mastered OD. She talks of such in video on my blog when she keynoted the Indonesia OD Network Summit.

I have no professional secrets. I believe as my mentor, Dr. Ron Lippitt, believed, that is, knowledge and wisdom gained from the Ivory Tower or Universities doing Action Research out in the wild should be disseminated “FREELY” to the rest of the world.

Here is the  first video in element 1 in my new up coming series on systems thinking.

Systems Thinking Video 1

Here is the second video on systems thinking.

Systems Thinking Video 2 

The second set of videos will be me summarizing my Ph.D learning with Dr. Jack Gibb who taught  OD by immersion at NTL with Dick Beckhard.

Never before in the history of the world does the world need more help dealing with Change!

I just saw a video last night that convinced me that the job of many medical doctors will be eliminated. Hey! Just as of  now we have the technology connected to the Cloud that through sensors will assess a person’s complete health and offer the  right prevention or treatment prescriptions. It may say, you only have 100 cancer cells in you and not to worry for years to come or it might say you call an ambulance and get to the nearest emergency room right now!

The accuracy is superior to 10 Board Certified Physicians. With exponential change, the cost will come down to almost nothing. Millions in the rural areas of the world will specially benefit.  If surgery will be needed, robots who have perfected the procedure will spring into action. Through my consulting, I have come to know health care well. Most issues are around human error. When a robot has performed the same 1 billion operations without a mistake, I trust!

I hear of such breakthroughs weekly!!!

For example, I hear our energy crisis will be resolved in 20 years, if not sooner. Gee. Long term in the new world of “abundance”, car transportation “fuel” will essentially be free with the new advanced batteries.

Our organizations and communities need those of you who are professional change agents to help them deal the dizzying and unconceivable rate of  change occurring right now! Change Agents have a bright future!!

Oxford just reported that 47 % of existing jobs in the world will disappear in the next 5  to 10 years.

The majority of accountants

or bank tellers

or dispatchers

or farmers

or drivers

or cashiers

or printers

or travel agents

or dispatchers

or bar tenders

or fast food workers

or telemarketers will no longer be needed.

IBM Watson in the Cloud is taking over at a blink of an eye. Any jobs that are routine including HR jobs will be taken over by the “BOTS.”

If you ask me what the new jobs will be. I do not have a clue. Although perhaps they  will be new exciting contract jobs not created yet that will be held by those that can influence technology with human wisdom.  Such I believe include change agents.

One of the Asian change programs that I advise is expecting nearly 10,000 applicants for the next year. Do not tell me Organization Change is  dead!!!

Even in the USA, a change program that I am close to will have 400 applicants for around 30 seats.

As one of my mentors, Bob Tannenbaum often said, “Onward and Upward.”

I simply say: Truly.

Roland for my business partner, Maja Balasi Sullivan