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Video Highlights for 1,200 Participants of the 12th HR Philippine Congress

April 25, 2019


Link to highlight video

This total system experience was a “taste” of the large group interactive process for the 1,200 participants of the 12th Philippine HR Congress organized by Ariva Academy. I received feedback that many were very much inspired.

Note. When I say The Philippines are the best educated outside of the USA, I am referring to their education in OD.  The Philippines have many excellent universities teaching old fashioned “Linear Change.”

Get the point. OD is no longer about linear change. Rather ODs DNA must be exponential transformation. Exponential is a “jerk” into an entirely new future.    It is a leap. It is a new identity. It is becoming agile. It is a paradigm shift where the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  Science Fiction has become Science Fact.

The horse that you rode that is giving you your  success today will not take you to where you must go in the future. The  cloud is now taking your traditional job. Yes. Now.  Get re-trained. All call center employees are about to lose their jobs. All traditional HRD people will lose their jobs at a blink of an eye.

Linear change is about going faster with your current horse. You must get on a different horse.  One that will allow you  to be in the context of accelerating the acceleration of transformation and change.


Roland for Maja and now Arielle Sullivan. Arielle is joining our team as she has time.

Over 60 free resources supporting Whole System Transformation

April 7, 2019
One of the closest students of Dannemiller is Roland Loup. He wrote the introduction to our first edition of Practicing OD.
He was key on shadow consulting us on the 7th American Forest Congress of over 1,500 people for 4 days.
He is now sharing his wisdom gleaned over the past 45 years at his new website.
His learning and experience underpin all our WST journeys.
Roland Loup is one of the greatest of large group OD consultants.
Herein are countless historic articles on his new website.
A side note: The world is finally catching on to WST.
The above graphic is from NTL where our co-founder of the Asian OD Network,  Dr. Udai Pareek, was the first Asian fellow of NTL.
The day of linear change is over. This is the day of exponential change along with Internet of Things. 
Kathie renamed Whole Scale Change to Whole System Transformation (WST) in the last 6 months of her life. Roland Sullivan coined WST in late 70s.
Kathie said clients did not understand “scale” in  Whole Scale Change but they did understand system and transformation in WST
Here is Roland Loup’s website.
Roland for Maja

Over 1,300 Free Online Courses

April 7, 2019

Here’s a link to an over 1,300 online courses:




Roland for Maja

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