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Roland’s WST videos locked in the past now available on Vimeo- FREE!

October 15, 2018

In the light of Schein’s spirit of humility, I have opened for the first time confidential work from the past for your learning enjoyment.

A favorite of mine: A link to an Ode to Dr. Bennis:

An Ode to Dr. Bennis

Another set was made when I was entering a top  Russian system. We were just one layer away from Putin.

I remind you. I have no political stance. I am a pure applied behavioral scientist.  I work with data I see…objectively!

If I was  concerned about not working with any country that had it right around human rights, I simply would not find such country and not work.

What I have learned from different cultures over the years is amazing. In WST, human rights naturally develop in the right direction! I have a degree in philosophy.  In natural law, good overcomes the not so good!

My purpose now is to leave my legacy of transforming individuals, teams, organizations, trans-organizations, countries and world regions to you via my family and a few close change/transformation agents, like Irham Dilmy, transformation advisor to his Indonesian government.

I have come to peace with my immortality. I now just work, pray and be with my family. By choice. No TV. No friends. No music on the radio. No art fairs or sightseeing (except when I have to be in loving presence with my wife who enjoys sightseeing.)

Oh yes. Another huge exception – I follow a past client, the Minnesota Vikings as long as they are still in the superbowl hunt. Their most famous coach is in his 90s. He still has his desk/office in the new practice facility. At one time just after he retired, his official title on the  door  was “OD Specialist.”

The Vikings are so innovative and team focused and change obsessed. Their mantra simply is: Perform better today over yesterday and help all in the system do the same. And then unleash creativity, innovation and have fun. Oh, yes. They recieve mindfulness training to stay concentrated with a relaxed mind during the games.

Do you know their youngest media person is a little girl just 10 years old. She sits in the most advanced recording studio in the NFL and interviews the players. The Vikings as of this moment have the best technology available along with the most technological advanced stadium and practice facility in the world.  Their main consultant is an exponential change technology person in his early 20s. He is all about data driven decision making and using of all the latest cloud technology.

It all starts at the top with the owners and executive leadership!

The owners are loved by all in the system. And yes, all recognize it is all about winning and if one is not contributing performance, they are replaced by the “next person up.”

It is still a business!!!! A   tough business because a bounce of the ball may determine the winner in the  game.

You may need to cut and past the following links.

The new Viking Performance Center
Now I am cheering for you. Remember, I say the world will be 1  billion times different in 40 years. Do you have your transformation journey in place???
Roland for wife Maja
Here in Asia last month: Clothes are gifts from Change Agent, Ayu, in Indonesia.
PS. I do not apologize for being Personal. OD is all about being personal!. I am just modeling what I learned from the founders.

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