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Wisdom From Founding Giants in the Field of Organization Development

July 8, 2018

Bob, Pat, and Dick were truly three of my best friends. At one time or another I hired all three and I published Dick and Bob.

Pat approached me for publication and we were working on a book but did not get it done floor he left this life to dance with the cowboy angels in the sky.

They talk about the Pepperdine program that I was blessed and grateful to be able to attend in the late 70s. It really comes out of silicon valley. It was housed at San Jose State for eight years before moving to pepperdine.

Pat ran the show. And now I tear up as I reflect on my daughter just graduating from the same program. She was the youngest in the class and I was told by two of her professors that she was a star especially in processing groups.

Classic historic video on the start up organization development and Pepperdine program.

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