Roland Sullivan Shares Theorems for His Whole System Transformation Modality – ELEMENT 1- SYSTEMS

This is the first of a series of maybe 20-30 videos required viewing for the  Internal Change Agent (ICA) that I transfer competence to.  I velcro ICAs to my hip as I use immersion to help them learn how to transform the systems in front of them. Immersion in 5 week modules is the way Barbara Bunker learned OD at NTL.  Barbara is the senior living woman who has mastered OD. She talks of such in video on my blog when she keynoted the Indonesia OD Network Summit.

I have no professional secrets. I believe as my mentor, Dr. Ron Lippitt, believed, that is, knowledge and wisdom gained from the Ivory Tower or Universities doing Action Research out in the wild should be disseminated “FREELY” to the rest of the world.

Here is the  first video in element 1 in my new up coming series on systems thinking.

Systems Thinking Video 1

Here is the second video on systems thinking.

Systems Thinking Video 2 

The second set of videos will be me summarizing my Ph.D learning with Dr. Jack Gibb who taught  OD by immersion at NTL with Dick Beckhard.

Never before in the history of the world does the world need more help dealing with Change!

I just saw a video last night that convinced me that the job of many medical doctors will be eliminated. Hey! Just as of  now we have the technology connected to the Cloud that through sensors will assess a person’s complete health and offer the  right prevention or treatment prescriptions. It may say, you only have 100 cancer cells in you and not to worry for years to come or it might say you call an ambulance and get to the nearest emergency room right now!

The accuracy is superior to 10 Board Certified Physicians. With exponential change, the cost will come down to almost nothing. Millions in the rural areas of the world will specially benefit.  If surgery will be needed, robots who have perfected the procedure will spring into action. Through my consulting, I have come to know health care well. Most issues are around human error. When a robot has performed the same 1 billion operations without a mistake, I trust!

I hear of such breakthroughs weekly!!!

For example, I hear our energy crisis will be resolved in 20 years, if not sooner. Gee. Long term in the new world of “abundance”, car transportation “fuel” will essentially be free with the new advanced batteries.

Our organizations and communities need those of you who are professional change agents to help them deal the dizzying and unconceivable rate of  change occurring right now! Change Agents have a bright future!!

Oxford just reported that 47 % of existing jobs in the world will disappear in the next 5  to 10 years.

The majority of accountants

or bank tellers

or dispatchers

or farmers

or drivers

or cashiers

or printers

or travel agents

or dispatchers

or bar tenders

or fast food workers

or telemarketers will no longer be needed.

IBM Watson in the Cloud is taking over at a blink of an eye. Any jobs that are routine including HR jobs will be taken over by the “BOTS.”

If you ask me what the new jobs will be. I do not have a clue. Although perhaps they  will be new exciting contract jobs not created yet that will be held by those that can influence technology with human wisdom.  Such I believe include change agents.

One of the Asian change programs that I advise is expecting nearly 10,000 applicants for the next year. Do not tell me Organization Change is  dead!!!

Even in the USA, a change program that I am close to will have 400 applicants for around 30 seats.

As one of my mentors, Bob Tannenbaum often said, “Onward and Upward.”

I simply say: Truly.

Roland for my business partner, Maja Balasi Sullivan


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