Shocking Free Movie on the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet!!!

Dick Beckhard gave us the definition of Organization Development that has been most used between about 1962 and when he left this life perhaps ten years ago. The definition had the word health in it .He believes that Organization Development’s purpose was to increase the health of the organization so that it could be more effective and perform at higher and higher levels.

Beckhard’s friend and leading OD professional on the West Coast at the University of California, Los Angeles was Bob Tannenbaum. Bob believed that healthy self development was the instrument to facilitate change and health in an organization or system or community.

I say that eating the whole food plant-based diet is key in maintaining one’s personal health. I follow the whole plant-based diet almost 95% of the time.

This new free movie is shocking.  It is beginning to sweep the country. For example millions of US dollars are being spent on its research at Kaiser Permanente right now. It is based on the latest science.

One cannot argue with absolutely solid science. The issue in the past is that hospitals and large pharma as well as the agriculture industry influenced the research unethically. It has been all about the money honey!

The new new research indicates why the results of the whole plant-based diet just may save your life and your parents and your children’s lives.

The science says the whole food plant-based diet can eliminate the top 15 disease killers starting with heart disease and diabetes and cancer and diverticulosis and so forth and so forth.

You have the right to know. You have a free will. You have the right to decide for your own body and mind and heart and soul.

You can ignore this movie or you can exhibit self-care and at least watch it. Yes, one would need to stop eating out in most cases. One would need to learn how to prepare the food.  The typical experience is that after one month or two this diet taste better than any of the food you have been eating.

Your free will is one of the greatest distinguishing factors of a human being. Freely choose how you want to eat. Freely choose what state of happiness or internal joy you would like to achieve.

My life is about over at 73. Those of you under 40 have an incredible long life ahead of you without disease if you so freely choose. I wish I knew what I know now when I was 40.

On the other hand, my life is totally complete and I have no fear whatsoever of my future because I do not believe in death. Leaving my body of course will occur .

But continuing to live in the consciousness of Divine Love with security in hope and faith is more than adequate for me. All resulting in immortal Divine Life and Love!!!

As 98 year old Sister Jane said on national TV this past weekend during the final four representing Loyola University, my alma mater, “All for the glory of God.” God being Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Buddhist or any of the other major denominations. Today is the day of unity in diversity.

I was the first graduate in Organization Development from a Jesuit University.I work or I call it play or service endlessly. I value and love every minute of my life. I have no regrets. Now, I want to leave my legacy to my daughter and my wife Maja because I want them to have an impact on the world that is 100 times greater than my impact. Both of them are actually more talented than I AM. And for the most part they eat the whole plant-based diet! 

My daughter just purchased a hot air fryer that prepares the food in a healthy manner. I saw her use it for the first time last night on FaceTime as she made tasty and healthy spicy potato chips. No oil was involved.

And both my wife and my daughter on the new diet are experiencing an increase in energy and well-being.

Now it’s your free will that needs to be activated. But if you choose to eat the American sad diet with fast food hamburger and french fries and cheese, I’ll still accept and love you!

Truly, Roland 😇



One Response to “Shocking Free Movie on the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet!!!”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Note that the above Blog is personal.

    Gary the magnificent from pepperdine who is leading research on the future of OD tells me that in the future organization development will become more personal and more relevant and more intrinsically motivated and conversational or generative dialogical Experiencing.


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