Videos are here now for Book Interview with Cathy Perme Whom I Trained in Whole System Transformation

Cathy Perme is a change agent with deep experience in organization change, who has been changed personally!

Cathy and I transformed a major sub-system of General Motors-RFC. In those days, they made more money than the entire car company.

One of the biggest learnings was, the system as a whole came to realize that they indeed were global. This was because we were connected through the web with satellite offices scattered throughout the world for the first time ever.

Ann K., who was the executive of RFC, was a highly competent, strong, positive & respected leader. Indeed, she became one brain and one heart with all the people involved. In our WST modality, we facilitate a critical mass transformation that the leadership leads via Large Group Summits. WST produces sustainable positive organization change and transformation by engaging the whole system via a microcosm i.e. “a team or group that is a representative sample of the levels, functions, perspectives and diversity of the system being change”. By bringing the organizations microcosm in a large group, we tap the participants’ collective wisdom to foster the best judgment in a fast decision-making process and in achieving extraordinary results.

I remember that while we were having our large group summit in one of the hotels here in Minneapolis,  General Mills, was also next-door with 400 top executives listening to one PowerPoint after another on their strategic plan. As I slipped in the back of the room, I heard the executive say to the group after a 45-minute-presentation …. any questions? Of course, no one is going to ask a question in front of their boss. Executive after executive plopped when they said any questions. It appeared that the people were bored to death.

In our large group events, we never allow an individual to speak to the group. All conversations to the system must come through the table first. We are not concerned about individual views. We are concerned more about system views. Our meeting was lively with laughter and intense deep dialogue and conversation. No one spoke over 20 minutes from the stage. Our RFC group left with focused energy ready to change change change.

So these videos are for those who are very much interested in what we do. In order to watch these videos under 10 minutes each, you need to be concentrated and reflective as you think about how you can apply our conversation to your own transformation and consulting practice.

This is not your typical YouTube superficial comment. There is a lot of Confucius type wisdom in this conversation.

Cathy is a person I dearly love.

She is having tremendous success. She has been working on a million USD proposal with major unions and their constituents. Perfect place for large group inter-active events.

Maja and I share these videos because so many of you have asked that we share our stories so you can learn. Usually those who follow us begin to believe we have something special that no one else has. Yes, it is true. We do.

We know how to transform an organization where most people just talk about it.

Most importantly, we know how to transfer that capability to the system via the Internal Change Agent (ICA). The transfer of the competencies to the ICA dissipates dependence on external consultants.

Video 1

Video 2

Video. 4

Video. 4

Video 5

Video 6


Roland and Maja

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