Asia OD Network Keynote On The New Global OD Competency Framework.

Very important work. This is where we were a few months ago. Of Course, I have seen great change since then.  I have a dramatic new view of what OD must be doing RIGHT NOW!!

My view is just one view. You must have your own valid truths also. Let’s hear them.

Of course, only one of the must new approaches is my very own, “Whole System Transformation” (WST) modality to  deal with the just arrived “Exponential Change “and Transformation with Artificial Intelligence. Also Digital Transformation and the Cloud and 5 G and IBM Watson plus another 5-7 forces are hitting us right now.

Sherry Duda’s keynote on OD Global Framework!!

What new interventions do you subscribe to? I am just one voice in the wilderness. We need to hear all off your new approaches. What have you woken up to?

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