Roland Sullivan’s Video History of the Asia OD Network.

OD in Asia is becoming the best for the new world of exponential transformation.  The Western version is self-centered. The Eastern version other-centered.

OD is really all about relationships. The East is more competent at relationships than the West. Still does not mean there are not serious issues in the East i.e. treatment of women (except the Philippians) and autocratic leadership. Still the economic growth is East and not West!!

Video 1: Concise History
Video 2: Part 1
Video 3: Part 2
Video 4: Future Summits


Not mentioned above is that Maja is working on bringing South Korea and Malaysia  alive with the sound of OD.


Roland and Maja on St. Pat’s day.

Oh. The memories Roland has with his large groups working the North/South tensions in Ireland. We saved countless lives!!!

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