Embellishing Common Place Transformation

Below is a great article but it misses my essential ingredients for transformation.

My strong beliefs:

1.  I believe the  executive team must transform themselves individually and as a team.  They need to become “one brain, one heart”.  This alignment strengthens the power, influence, and connectivity of the top leaders naturally – in a way that encourages their people to freely follow and support their direction. The relationship between the CEO and his or her team is key. Here is a new notion from Ed Schein: The CEO is the culture.

2. An internal change agent (ICA) must be extensively trained to sustain the transformation journey. This will break the dependence on the outside  consultants.

3. Utilization of design teams that represent the entire system to create a transformative experience over three days in large groups from 300 to 1000.  Cascading does not work. The traditional top-down goals set by upper management for every single person in the organization is no longer relevant in today’s reality of rapid change. Goals are no longer periodic measures but real time current measures of what’s relevant to the employees and organization. Therefore, the executive team needs to lead and be very present in these large meetings. They become aligned with all the people.

4. The establishment of a strategic transformation office that reports directly to the CEO and is led by the internal change agent.

5. Kotter says commitment for a sense of urgency and priority for  transformation from the executive leaders is essential. The Change, Learning & Transformation process becomes integrated into the day-to-day business and is repeated year after year.

For some of you, I am a broken record. Well, how are  you doing moving toward my essentials? I believe you can do it.

Just my two cents.

Great article on Transformation

I welcome your reaction, thoughts and wisdom.

P.S.  My futuristic radar says that the music business has transformed. One can purchase millions of downloadable songs for around $10.00USD only. Money is  still being made by the music industry by those organizations that transformed. The traditional record companies are essentially dead.

The car industry as well as e-commerce and publishing are  transforming as I write.

My most debilitating experience in my professional career occurred a few years ago with our publisher, Wiley. We had a commitment to  go online with e-chapters and videos to support our 4th edition of “Practicing Organization Development.” We  were verbally promised cooperation. After 100s of hours of work, my editor of 25 years and almost 25 books suddenly  pulled the plug out from our venture. We did publish a traditional text successfully and it is doing well yet opportunities were lost.  Yes, I understand. He lost his job along with another 250 employees. I doubt Wiley will excel in the future. They have their head stuck in the sand.  They simply are not transforming!!! Being the largest industrial publisher in the world, Wiley success has simply blinded them to the need for dramatic change.

Insurance, banking and government are in the next wave of transformative shifting followed by the military, health, and energy.

We will not recognize any of the industries above in 5-10 years. They all will be dealing with exponential change. Whole System Transformation (WST) modality addresses such complex rapid exponential change and learning as well as any intervention out there. Most transformation efforts today are none other than linear change on the fast track. With WST, a fundamental identity-shift occurs to adjust to the new world of technology.

What role are you playing as Artificial Intelligence sweeps into our shifting world? How will you change what you do to stay relevant? Will you have a job in 5 years? I say, change now to take advantage of the shifting market dynamics!


Roland and Maja


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