Shocking insight from the best OD teacher in the world – Peter Block

We were fortunate to have Mr. Block keynote the third day at the phenomenal Asian Organization Development summit in BSD City, Indonesia.

In essence he says that the values of western OD no longer fit the world. The Western values are Me, Me, Me, or I, I, I!!!!!

We are seen as self-centered and selfish individuals just after the dollar for ourselves. I have witnessed the same values of Westerners in Africa. The African locals no longer want the western missionaries to come and transfer this self-centered biblical philosophy from the United States.

Instead, Peter says that the Western OD Craft people have a great deal to learn from the Eastern rising OD people. He says that the Buddhist philosophy and the Muslim philosophy of compassion, caring for others, and  relationships is more appropriate for the New World. Our new values should reflect unity in diversity. In my opinion, we need to establish new global standards and values for a true world order.

And he made some strong statements again commercialism. As those of you who know him, he talks about the importance of community and taking care of each other.

Peter Block, I apologize for the camera work. This was a volunteer situation. The camera people, surprised me by focusing on myself on the stage. Peter was talking and you could barely see his left or right eye on the corner of the screen. It’s a good thing that I was behaving. Usually I am not.

Part two will be coming up in a separate blog. Feel free to make some comments below. What he is saying here should upset your cart and way of being

Here’s the LINK

3 Responses to “Shocking insight from the best OD teacher in the world – Peter Block”

  1. Julie Says:

    Dennis Korten talks about moving from the Theory of the Firm (in business) to the Theory of Community (for the world). Check him out.

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  2. Roland Sullivan Says:

    The opening video is very important. It represents my motivation to do transformation & ditch change management and organization debelopmentvas it is traditionally known

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