Peter Block: video of the greatest OD teacher ever to live!!

For those interested in the future of OD, Peter talks about the breakdown of our world economic model. He does not value the philosophy of the United States that is focused on I want to get Rich today. Instead he believes the mother of the future is in the East. The first verse says that we are important and the happiness of those people of those people around us are also our responsibility.

I truly can say that I experienced that in Asia.

Peter believes that the organization development people from the west can learn a great deal from the east. Here are some of his initial thinking.

I apologize for the Poor camera work

I had no idea that I was being videoed on stage while Peter was talking on the far little screens on the stage. It is unfortunate that the camera man  does not have a  focus on Peter’s screen.

Here is the LINK


One Response to “Peter Block: video of the greatest OD teacher ever to live!!”

  1. Patrick Trottier Says:

    Sounds like Emergent Organizational Development and Change® fits right into this perspective…

    Patrick A. Trottier
    The Emergent Change Platform

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