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Staging Day for First Ever WST Stranger Lab in Jakarta

November 16, 2017

Thousands of volunteer hours went into designing this Change Agent Lab… patterned after Kathie Dannenmiller labs… first at Ford then Boeing.

This is a  big deal.

Dr. Ed Schein blew the participants minds with His Humble Consulting book conversation. He says that Leaders are best to use  groups to engage and focus on relationships in the times of transformation.

Just received the following email from him.

Dear Roland–thank you for the nice message and the two links to the two futurist talks–where all this connects for me is around the idea that The future Will be less about individuals and more about relationships of all sorts, which is why I think Peter Block’s & my concept of levels of relationship become so critical.  I hope more people Will pick up the humble consulting book where we first introduced the levels idea and tried to show why personalized level 2 relationships are so important.  Many of the questions that were asked by the participants about how one reaches the more personalized level 2 are answered in that book with case examples


Thanks the leadership and dedication of BMW/GLC Robby. Robby thinks big.   We could not have held this without his support. He will launch the Indonesian OD Network Group out of this Asian OD Network Summit going on right now.

Staging day participants below:  Dancers, Design Team, Theme Team and Logistics Team

Even my life time friend, Eric  from Argentina is here in the second row with the red  tie.

I think my wife. Maja is sitting center in white.

13  countries are represented :



Arielle is in the red dress… center.

Transform your self right now!!!  Then lay back and enjoy the Age of Aquarius. Still with passion help us transform the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daughter, Arielle who is the Dean of the Jakara WST Lab below. Here she is 7 years ago at Airbus. Guus is in the background. He just was chosen CIO of Germany because, he says, of the WST work we did with him. His strategic planner, Peter is next to him in the black tie. Oh. The challenge we had to bring his initial strategic plan from 20 powerpoints to 4.


Large groups can not handle 20 powerpoints.


We have 500  more pictures somewhere.



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