Pillars to Assess Organizations in Whole System Transformation Summits.

Our old model has evolved along with a new current definition of OD refined.

Credit goes to my daughter, Arielle, our associate Lenny Lind from Co-Vison and the Jakarta Asia OD Network Summit design team.

We are about to enter the first Whole System Transformation Event for strangers/the public/ many organizations at once.  Transformation will not occur but we guarantee that this unique conference is sign of what is coming in  OD.  It will not happen because we need to be working with an intact system or organization.

And our Jakara design is light years ahead of anything happening in today’s popular Change Management world.

Here is Peter Blocks heretic invitation 

Ed Schein and Barbara Bunker  will also keynote. For us they are the  two senior living and active male and female OD founders.


No one that we know integrates the 6 pillars driven by the Executive Team as we do. For us,  it one of ten reasons why it prevents the controversial  statement that 70% of Change programs/journeys fail. 99% of our Change Journeys succeed to one degree or another.

So now we challenge you to incorporate what we have learned over 50 years into your practice. Why? Because Change Agents will become more in demand as each week goes by. My God, there will be free internet connectivity worldwide in a very short time. Such will more  than level the playing field for the world. Free education is coming for 90% of those living.  Change will only accelerate. Who but you, as a change agent, are prepared to help us to move faster and smoother to the age of abundance and peace (Aquarius- let the sun shine in).

Here is our radical future statement from Singular Univeristy. In 2048, those individuals that keep up with the changes will be 1 billion time more intelligent that they are today. Think on that one for a bit.

Now the developed new Pillar model.





The above definition is based on what we came up at our first Asia OD Network Summit in Dubai maybe 12 years ago. Charles Seashore was significantly involved as well as Roland’s pal,  the famed… Billie Rothwell from Penn State…Now the author of almost 100 Books!!!!

Truly                                                                                                                                                          Roland, Mary Jane Balsi-Sullivan and Arielle Threlkeld-Sullivan

PS: Roland here: My first degree is in Philosophy. As I reflect on life as I have been doing since 1962, I say that the essence of the human species is to CHANGE who they are!!!! Today is a good time for you and I to commit or re-commit to such a life mission and take focused steps toward such.

The room for our upcoming Summit:

large room.jpg


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