One Of a Kind Pictures of My Jumbo Large Group Dynamic

Large Group 2.jpg

I. STA is partnering with Co-Vision and Lenny Lind. Here is a picture using his Co-Visioning technology with one of my clients. One of my students, Lisa, from University of St. Thomas was instrumental in application. There are 52 flags on the stage representing  countries in the room.

II. Perhaps 15 years ago in San Francisco we did a 2.5 day lab on Large Group Dynamics. Paul, from the Swiss Rail traveled to be with us. As an internal change agent, he took what he learned and applied to the Famous Railroad in Switzerland. He was so successful that he started his own consulting firm.

He calls what he learned from us, Real Time Strategic Change. Kathie Dannemiller invented such at Ford in the late 70’s. Ford still uses her modality today. She then named it “Whole Scale Change” a few years latter. Then just before she flew into heaven, she named her work “Whole System Transformation.”  because it communicated best what she invented. Here is a link to her last interview with my comments.

Dannenmiller’s last interview

III. Here is  our (STA’s) largest Jumbo Group of almost 1,600 participants for four days, many years ago. Was convened by the President of the United States. It is still having postive impact today in terms of job creation.


A link to the story.

7th American Forest Trans-organization Congress

Post Script:

Lewin the founder of OD coined 4 words or phrases perhaps in the 30’s & 40’s.

Social Psychologist ( Maja, my wife has her Masters in Social Organization Psychology from the academically tough Jesuits. It is based on the work of Lewin)



Group Dynamics

Post Script II. The use of large groups has dwindled because they are a real challenge to master. Still I see them a very important part of the future of Organization Change. Simply, we have  spent around 45 years determining  how to transfer to those highly interested. 




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