MS. Charles left this earth last night & is dancing in Heaven this day… my favorite all time “KOOL” client


My daughter’s mother said that Melisande Charles led our koolest client system ever.
 The Minneapolis Arts Commission came out our first intensive. We essentially changed the art world in Minneapolis in the years to come … only to be now one of the leading art centers of the USA.
Here is a quote from from Facebook today from one of her team members.
“Melisande Charles was instrumental in creating The Minneapolis Arts Commission. That organization changed the role of art in this city. It had a direct effect on the Minneapolis club scene, music world, theatre world, dance world, and all of the other sub groups that exploded into the late 70’s.
That NYC Transplant with her no nonsense attitude had everything to do with the reasons behind why you live here and what this city has become.
She went on to distinguish her legend as a teacher, digital pioneer, and leader in Minneapolis. She was a one of a kind transformation powerhouse and great art pal. So long Art Mama, see you in my dreams. With Love!”
So Roland says: What are you doing to change the world? What is your passion? How are you making a difference? What will be your legacy? Rise up and be greater each day!
May Melisande Charles rest in peace!!! I shed a tear!!!!! She changed my life with her creativity and innovative thinking. 

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  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    A supportive link:

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  2. Roland Sullivan Says:

    It just occurred to me that what we did with Ms. Charles, was phenomenal. I have not changed the way I transform an executive leadership team since working with her. Why because it always works. Anytime I add something new it doesn’t work as well as what I have. Still I have one change coming up around feedforward using something I published for Marshall Goldsmith. Minneapolis is 15th largest city metro in the United States. We clearly have changed the culture of the entire city. When the Super Bowl comes in this next year the Arts will be noticed.

    Kevin Garnett the great Timberwolf from professional basketball has chosen to live here because of the great city that it is. Many of the Minnesota Vikings retire here because they know that this is where a family should be raised and they speak of the love for culture of the city. We have more theater seats in the city than any other city in the United States including New York. That is Theater seats per capita.

    Of course, it is a very long story about how we made that happen but I do believe this never would’ve happened without my whole system transformation phase 1.

    Results: We were able to empower the executive team circling Ms. Charles, to become creative tigers. They established the political alliances and found the money to help hundreds of artists get started in Minneapolis.

    And they facilitated the “Trans-organization Relationships” that brought the Twin Cities in to harmony. The inter organization communication allowed all to support each other and now the rest history.

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