Roland’s WST Lab In London And An Update On My Professional Life

OD is coming alive in Europe.

Here is a great sum of my life in Cynthia’s promotion.

I have it figured out people. Just published today in the 11th edition of Cummings and Worley a case where the long term effort increased 1,000 percent. My previous record was 574%. The article appeared on the cover of Minnesota Business Journal.

Will be writing my update on WST for a most prestigious book in Germany. Other authors include Larry Lippitt and Ed Schein and my large group trainee, Paul, from Switzerland. Two new additions:

A making change stick activity from Marshall Goldsmith that I published for Marshall on my 4th edition and the focus in the second phase where we no longer work with the next level of leaders but just the top 300 high potential leaders.

Yes. Am still learning. And expect to learn every day as I help Asia and Africa adjust the Western OD theory and practice to Eastern Culture.

My family, Maja (wife). Arielle (daugher) and I are incorporating Transcendence in the TATA-C-Sol OD program. Big event happening 2019. Who else do you know has been a daily practitioner of Yoga and OD since 1962? If you know of someone, I want to meet them!

I have said now for 5 years that one of the key OD competencies  will be “super intuitive consciousnesses.”

Two of my mentors, Gordon Lippitt and Jack Gibb had such in the 60’s. I experienced first hand with them and talked with them about the abilities.

here is the London link:

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