I highly recommend these organization development jobs

To sustain my work at Allstate many years ago, this function was created. All the people that worked with me originally have been pulled away to greater jobs. For example, Ms. Vales is now Global OD Head at Nike.

Ms. Todd is now leading Whole System Transformation efforts for economically poor women in Africa while keeping alive a robust consulting business.

Thus, the beat must go on. Allstate is a very friendly organization that continually seeks to become more effective. They are transforming. They are making the shift to the new age. Here are two links that describe the job. I’m assuming you’re authentically educated and experienced organization development person. Pay is substantial.

People with a change management focus need not apply. (Just my bias)



If I know you well. We can talk about, yours truly, recommending you.

Roland Sullivan

PS: From my Allstate executive client.

The impacts are tremendous, ( of Whole System Transformation) the capability for change in the organization is tremendous, the employee engagement that results in the organization is an unbelievable thing to see. But you have to be willing to let your employees engage, and if you are, and to have them bring all of their voice to the table, all the goods and all the bads, and for you to be open and honest with how the organization is going to run and how you will lead it with your people and the vulnerability that takes is probably the biggest learning that I got out of the process after embarking on it. It is worth it, it is hard, it is rewarding, it’s emotional, it’s draining, it’s rewarding. Thank you.

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