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Eat This Way or Die Early: IT IS UP TO YOU TO TRANSFORM!!

April 27, 2017

I am now including strong personal development in my Whole System Transformation modality consulting. Food is key. I now with the live whole plant based diet obsessively. I have been integrating this diet in helping some individual clients. I am getting results. One has reversed cancer. One is reversing depression. Another is reversing heart disease. Another was cured of diabetes two.  One long term client has gone off asthma medication completely.

Here are four key resources for the whole plant based diet:

  1. Dr. Ornish – one of President Clinton’s heart doctors. I have known Dr. Ornish since the 60s. Dr. Ornish mentions (first video below) Swami Satchidananda, who studied and lived with Dr. Swamiji Sivananda for 7 years in Rishikesh, India. I am a direct disciple of Sivananda. Indirectly, Sivananda is the seed that is dramatically changing health worldwide. He said that the number one dynamic is essentially what one puts in one mouth. We ARE what we eat.   Dr. Ornish, from Harvard, studied with Satchidananda for 7 years as I did. There’s a pedagogical connection and the influence that Sivananda has had on  Dr. Ornish yours truly. I believe that Dr. Ornish has the first food research in the food revolution that is here now!! The number of Doctors and health care experts that are flooding the new scientifically nutrition based movement is rapidly growing by the day worldwide.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

2. Dr. Fuhrman ( you can visit his website here)

More people have viewed Dr. Fuhrman in Public Broadcasting System (PBS) health series than any other recent public TV Program. Here is an example of his many videos on YouTube

Video 4

3.  Dr. Greger (you can visit his website here)

Dr. Greger is new young Doctor that offers all his solidly researched nutrition wisdom on his website free. He dedicates his life to his Grandmother who was given weeks to live with heart disease but then went on to live another 30 or so years.

  Video 5

The above  Whole Plant Based Diet is said to prevent the top 15 causes of death today.

In a different vein,  here is a quote from the video below that  I copied for my daughter, Arielle,  from the person I listen to the most regarding the future: “In 10 to 15 years: We are launching our longevity factor faster than time passing by.” – Ray Kurzweil, Spring 2017



Interestingly, I adjust my diet almost every month based on the plethora of new science and research. Join the revolution. Sooner or later, the standard American diet (SAD) will be bearing the same warnings as cigarettes were years ago. The plant-based diet will indeed prevent most diseases! So start now if you wish to experience the new bright world. Transform yourself and your family now!!

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