A Historic Video From The Son Of My Mentor Ron Lippitt

My daughter, Arielle, asked me to share with her what I knew about OD families. Here is a son, Larry Lippitt, of one our founders in action.

I did the first community development intervention in Minnesota at Duluth with Larry’s father, Ron. We did a preferred future lab.

Larry shares significant history. Preferred Futuring is one of the first 5 or so of the large group modalities. Others are Appreciative Inquiry, Search, Future Search, Open Space  Technology and Kathie Dannenmiller’s Whole Scale Change. Kathie lived next door to Larry and Ron Lippitt and considers Ron her primary mentor. Ron influenced me before Kathie had a relationship with him. I read his Planning of Change book that was published in the late 50s in the early 60s.  The book said that the best group work education was at GeorgeWillams so I spent a year there. WOW. What an experience. Even Statistics was a T-Group.

Enjoy this historic video that I obtained from a new relationship with Professor Gerhard Fratzer from Germany.

My professional vision is simply to bring alive the legacy of Ron Lippitt and Kathleen Dannemiller.

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