OD, Yoga, Technology and Love


Reading this brought a tear to my eye. Just this morning I was creating a new yoga program using secret technology with a device I named the “Rocket.” I decided to use the word “LOVE” as the mantra or point of concentration.

The story how I came to such a conclusion is a book in and of itself.  Here is an short version: I am a degreed philosopher. One of my two living gurus is Peter Koestenbaum. In my opinion, Dr. Koestenbaum is most significant leadership philosopher of the last century. With his help and doing yoga and practicing OD on a daily basis, I concluded at my extended silent Jesuit Ateneo retreat with my wife a year ago that Life is ALL ABOUT INFINITE LOVE.

So Einstein and yours truly, an un-famous farm boy from rural Minnesota, and I have come to the same conclusions about Divine Life. Love is the answer. And now the tears… I write this to share with my daugher Arielle Therese who is superseding my life’s yoga transformation and OD practice.

Einstein’s letter to his daughter 

3 Responses to “OD, Yoga, Technology and Love”

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    A beauty among many. Will be returning to learn more.

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    OD, Yoga, Technology and Love | Roland Sullivan

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    OD, Yoga, Technology and Love | Roland Sullivan

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