Re-publication of 3 Key Ed Schein Videos



A link to 3 excellent videos by Dr. Schein

I was working this morning on my role as advisor to the “Future Leadership Project” in India. I neither believe in Advice nor projects. And Harvard Research says that CEO’s give leadership development these days a great big fat “F.”  So to make my point I referred Pravat to Ed Schein’s Videos. We need to model curiosity and listening rather than tell people what to do like so many leaders do in Asia.

By the way, Maja is the support to bring Ed Schein virtually to do the opening keynote at our next Asia OD Network Summit in Bali. Ed totally transformed last year’s Summit in China. He engaged all the CEO’s in the room deeply on the spot.  He confronted them and said that they “WERE THE CULTURE.” And then he listened to them and then suggested that they listen to all the participants. Maja then broke the Summit into groups and each of the 7 CEO’s had their own breakout group. One could hear a pin drop because the listening was so intense.

Our summit coming up will have Peter Block join Ed and it will be a WOW!!!  Stay tuned!!


Roland for Maja

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  1. Gloria Chavez Says:

    Thanks for sharing this roland!

    God Bless!


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