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The Use Of Nutrition To Reverse Our Top 15 Killing Diseases

January 23, 2017

I am a whole system transformation consultant.  Such means I need to be helpful to the whole person of my client. I have two CEO clients right now dealing with cancer. My research on how to help has transformed my life and my diet. I offer this to my two friends

I dedicate this to my two friends who not do not have cancer but showed interest in my  health research .  They are: Dr. David Noer and Lenny Lend.  Maja and Mr.

Maja, my wife and Mr. Lend are working on putting together a stranger whole system transformation experience in Bali October  20 to 22nd, 2017. Doctor

Doctor Noer is writing an exquisite book on the history of OD.  All of us have been colleagues since the 70s.

I believe David went to Pepperdine a year before I did in the late 70s. He was the leader of the famed Center for Leadership and has contributed a great deal to the world of change.  I follow  on LinkedIn like a puppy follows their master.

Mr. Lind,  founder of Co-Vision is my first choice for any technology support for my large group interactive active events.  In fact, no one has the advanced technology that he has and understands the uniqueness of one of my large meetings.

Link to a wake-up call to transform your whole person through nutrition. We have the science. The research exists. Here in my mind is the person who is doing the most thorough research on health nutrition in the world today. All of his information and facts are available free of charge to anyone. His work is being translated into many languages.


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