Are U interested in being a change maker? If so, here is a super lab with my pal, Jen Todd.


My comment to this video:

Fantastic. Jen is super. Jen & I transformed Allstate. She is one of those people that is most closely aligned with who I am. So if this speaks to you, do not hesitate to attend. Jen and I are transforming economically poor women in Africa with my Whole System Transformation (WST) separately.



She talks about going non-stop as a corporate change agent. I go non-stop serving. I meditate when I am not working. I watch no TV. Even have given up my Minnesota Vikings. I love Jen and everything she is about. She is one of the best OD consultants that I know. Her small daughter is a joy. My daughter looks up to her.


Click here to view the incredible invitation.

Experience her honesty and her energy!!!


Jen was the person I transferred my WST to in the case below:

Case #2: Allstate ORGANIZATION DEMOGRAPHIC • The company is the nation’s (USA) largest publicly-held personal lines insurer and provides products to more than 17 million households. • The Customer and Enterprise Services (CES) group served as a pilot group. • It includes most of the organization’s call centers and back office functions that delivers crucial services to both premium-paying customers and internal business units. • It works with more than 220 million customer interactions each year CHALLENGE • The end customer and internal business clients were asking the CES group to change. • Customer loyalty and satisfaction had been stagnant at best and needed improvement in direct sales/service and product support. • The business clients were asking for CES to improve cost effectiveness and support them in meeting their business goals. • It was clear their customers and clients had become very dissatisfied with their support. PROCESS See figure 1 RESULTS • Six million USD was spent on the intervention. A measured 100 million was realized. • The customer index went up from 77 to 84%. A new transformation department was created of now 20 internal transformation consultants.


Email me if u wish the publications of this case.






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