Great OD consultants are HEALTHY!

I believe one needs to be healthy in tapping one’s potential to be effective as a change agent.

Each of the following Doctors has a unique twist on health but all essentially believe the same – a movement toward whole plant food based diet. And a couple of us would add – mostly raw and organic.

Around 1974, I often met with Sam Campbell who was in charge of OD at Honeywell. We put in over 400 quality circles in Honeywell. When we had lunch I never ate what all others were eating. I brought my own food. It was quite a risk to take a stand and eat the way I knew I should especially in the highly professional corporate world when I was still a young professional.

In any case, I was influenced to be and eat such by Dr. Ornish.

  1. Dr. Ornish:

I have known Dr. Ornish since the 60s. I am a direct disciple of Dr. Sivananda. Dr. Ornish mentions Swami Satchidananda in the first video below.  Satchidananda studied and lived with Dr. Sivananda for 7 years in Rishikesh, India.  Dr. Ornish, from Harvard, studied with Satchidananda for 7 years as I did. Dr. Ornish has the first food research in the food revolution that is here now!!

Indirectly, my mentor, Dr. Sivananda is the seed to dramatically change health worldwide. He said that the number 1 dynamic is what one puts in one’s mouth. We ARE what we eat.

2.  Fuhrman

3.  Clement from Hippocrates Institute

I was involved with the founder of Hippocrates, Ann Wigmore, in the 70’s and live on all pure fresh food each summer

Dr. Mercola who does the interviewing has been on my secondary email list for 30 years

I also learn from what David Wolfe sends me in Facebook. David was a client of mine at the time that Monsanto money did real injustice.

4.  Dr. Stephen Sinatra

I studied also with Fritz Peals in my OD training at the Esalen in the 60s and 70s.

5.   Dr. Hans Diehl

6.   Dr. Gabriel Cousens

I first met Gabriel in the late 60s. He went off to study with Muktananda in India for 7 years. I was already studying with Sivananda then. I believe he is one of the best at research in terms of raw organic food.

A panel of most of the above:

Now if you watch all these videos then you will realize that YOU are responsible for your own health.

I am an OD professional who is getting bolder in my life. Thus, I say that one must change one’s self first before attempting to help others change.


Roland and Maja

One Response to “Great OD consultants are HEALTHY!”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    The most conventional diet that the general population can handle is the one by Dr. Fuhram.

    If a person has seriously studied his research then one is stupid to ever eat another McDonald’s burger or any dairy or any processed foods.

    There is absolutely no excuse for anyone having cancer or heart disease or diabetes. A person with the knowledge that I have in this post will understand that they are responsible for their own health.


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