Whole System Transformation(TM) and Exponential leaps


If you wish to be in the exciting play pen of the now. Find a way to be with organizations that are dealing with mind-boggling transformation.

This article was given to us by Vinci who is setting up with us an exponential social business in Asia.  The article so excited me, I had to take 20 minutes off to meditate to come back to mindset center.

What a phenomenal world coming!!!

WST does just what is required below in the quote: And it does it faster, deeper and more economical than any other way that I know.

“Everything needs to be highly coordinated with active oversight to make progress one step at a time. The exponential mindset is like this demonstration with ping pong balls in which things happen in parallel with a focus on the interactions among participants.”

Highly coordinated in mind, heart and body ( action) is what is required of all organizations today. Just my 2 cents as my radical expressive high-level corporate daughter, Arielle, says. Wonder she god her radical expressiveness from??????????


Link to HBR publication on Exponentiality

Picture is in the lobby of our office in Manila. The land of the best economy in the world today… and lots of little kids under ten years old and huge Malls more beautiful/elegant than my Mall of America. But NO incredible sports arena like my loved Viking football stadium!!rs-manila-office-resized

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