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Roland comes out of the closet

September 10, 2016

I have been a closet Yogi since I met Sivananda in 1962.

As far as I know, I am the only person who has been doing yoga daily since 1962 as well as organization change.

My daughter just pleased me to no end. She said. “Dad, I am going to take your  Whole System Transformation, Change and Learning legacy globally.

I had a tear. I am so proud of her just receiving her Masters in OD and working as an internal organization effectiveness consultant in the top 70 in corporate America at the age of 27 while having the new social values of her generation. She also said that she tapped again her inner creativity and would start to have a public social media professional presence. I assume she will start on Linkedin.

Thus, here is what I edited from Sivananda for Arielle on this auspicious date of 9/11.

Radical Self-Expression

Every action of a person is a step towards self-expression, conscious or unconscious. Action presupposes an inner urge, besides motive, and this urge is the power behind the expression of the self. The active principle of life is to express, differentiate, and diffuse itself, and so, too, naturally, is the principle of creation. Be creative. The spirit expresses itself through one’s body. The spirit by itself cannot be expressed without matter or an earthly connection. The spirit of every man and women wants to express itself to feel real. All of us want to know and be known. Self-expression is the modality. Be radical and satisfy the urge for eminence, excellence, effectiveness, for the continuity of life, affection, love, domination, possession, that are all dependent on this principle of a creative expansion or diffusion of self. Heighten yourself in boundless joy and liberation. Express your unique self now. Express yourself by loving all of creation and transforming it to the Yoga (union) of infinite divine life and love.

From Dr. Sivananda’s Gospel of Holy Aspiration. Sivananda wrote over 500 Yoga books in English.

Edited by Rudra Priya or Change Agent Roland     …..   Sept 11, 2016

For anyone interested. Here is a video made about Sivananda.

He says in it to “change!” 

Link to Sivananda video in honor of his birthday

Dr. Sivananda writings introduced me to transforming the phenomenon of man in the 60’s although I really took the word transformation from Jack Gibb in the 70’s. I eventually did my Doctoral study with Jack. I still publish his prodigy.

The one line preface that guides my life!!!!!!

Life, being an ascent of consciousness, could not continue to advance indefinitely along its line without transforming itself in depth.      Teilhard de Chardin

Here was our primary text with Gibb before it was published:

Link to Gibb’s Trust Book free

I still use his TORI theory with each and ever client. Trust is still a huge Organization issue these days.

Young Charlie Seashore from NTL introduced me to Jack Gibb in 1962. Dr. Gibb was Charle’s Ph.D thesis advisor. Small world it is.

I expect my next year to be my best!  I hope you feel the same!!!






A key Lewin publication that supports all we do in Whole System Change work

September 9, 2016


This is not an easy read. This is a fundamental philosophical and science and art article that requires deep penetration. A breath of fresh air from all the trite writing on the Web.

Link to classic article by Lewin

One of the big changes coming in the world is the greater use of solid researched based theory and practice… especially in health. Such something is great need in the world of organization change.



Whole System Transformation(TM) and Exponential leaps

September 7, 2016


If you wish to be in the exciting play pen of the now. Find a way to be with organizations that are dealing with mind-boggling transformation.

This article was given to us by Vinci who is setting up with us an exponential social business in Asia.  The article so excited me, I had to take 20 minutes off to meditate to come back to mindset center.

What a phenomenal world coming!!!

WST does just what is required below in the quote: And it does it faster, deeper and more economical than any other way that I know.

“Everything needs to be highly coordinated with active oversight to make progress one step at a time. The exponential mindset is like this demonstration with ping pong balls in which things happen in parallel with a focus on the interactions among participants.”

Highly coordinated in mind, heart and body ( action) is what is required of all organizations today. Just my 2 cents as my radical expressive high-level corporate daughter, Arielle, says. Wonder she god her radical expressiveness from??????????


Link to HBR publication on Exponentiality

Picture is in the lobby of our office in Manila. The land of the best economy in the world today… and lots of little kids under ten years old and huge Malls more beautiful/elegant than my Mall of America. But NO incredible sports arena like my loved Viking football stadium!!rs-manila-office-resized

The use of Social Technology In My Large Group Interactive Events

September 4, 2016

My long time pal & collaboration artist Lenny Lind, the founder and owner of Covision, to talk about the latest technology around conference size brainstorming. Hosts Brandt Krueger and Audrey Gallien join David to discuss the finite details of how people’s biggest ideas come out during collaborative table conversations, what happens with C.E.O.s embrace live analytics and feedback during an event, how to strategically use a keynote presentation to create group brainstorming, and more.



Lenny has experience using his ideas with Kathie Dannemiller. This is the future!

We must bring instant macro dimensional communication technology into our Transformation experiences!!!

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