The Work Place Required Today…Or Bust!!!

Dr. Linda Sharkey,  a person I very much trust,  is coming out with a new book on the workplace of the future.  It is based on her global international research.  Wiley the world’s largest publisher; and  my publisher has reached out to her and requested that she write this book.

I share  with you first my interview with her a few months ago (click here).  I essentially say that Whole System Transformation ( WST) is the modality to bring the new workplace required today that she portrays in her book.  Ray Kurzwiel’s speech in Beijing has blown my mind regarding the change coming. Humbly,  I say that I know of no other way and methodology that will help our organization’s deal with the coming exciting future faster,cheaper, and deeper.  When we work with the critical mass of an organization that transforms, it takes a leap into what it wants to be. We are starting to move toward the workplace required for survival and thriving tomorrow.

Dr. Sharkey introduces her book in her radio show (click here)

Here are a few of the highlights:

1. The design of our organizations is based on the rules of organizations from the early 1900s.

2. 61% of the companies that were on the  New York Stock Exchange 5 years ago,  no longer exist.  CEOs say that 76% believe that their industry or organization is going to be facing significant and extraordinary disruption in the next couple of years.

3. One of Linda’s answers is that we need to focus our learning on the context of the organization culture rather traditional expert knowledge or content. This has huge implications for learning and training development going on in today’s world. Learning must be on demand and real time.

 4. Linda says we need to produce agility & nimbleness. WST does so naturally.

5. Soft skills are needed more and more today. This is especially a huge challenge for leadership in Asia . Such as:

-Emotional intelligence,

-People empowerment,

-A spirit of inquiry,

-Asking the right questions,



-Changing mindset,

-Working with diversity such as with people in other cultures that have great differences,

-The ability to listen to others,

-Creativity and curiosity,

-The ability to learn,

-The ability to ask questions

-Explore newness

-Support other people to grow and learn

The soft skills are the make or break variable for organizations  today and especially in the future. They make the hard skills needed for technology work especially when working across cultures and around the world.

If you do not have the above you will have an organization transfixed in the past and on its way to a fast death.

In my WST work, we only indirectly focus on soft skills. The empowered people who we teach to lead the transformation and come up with event designs will create experiences that will naturally bring the soft skills to the foreground. The people love such as they become committed to the new culture in the process of being change makers. There is a natural overflow to the everyday culture. 

6. The new leadership must without doubt not be fearful of allowing others to have power. So we need leaders who can let go of power while accepting others to become empowered. The new leaders are coaches and mentors. They are people of inspiration and they shine stronger than ever before as their people love them. 

The above are just a few of the initial ideas heard in the radio interview.  Click above to hear the complete story.

Unless you move your organization to the new workplace standards, you will have an organization rooted in a dying past.

How do we move our current organizations to the new required workplace?

Of course, my answer is Whole Systems Transformation.  The entire leadership and organization can figure out with their internal resources how to prepare for the future that is coming in WST structured process that is sustainable. Thus, dependence upon expensive outside consultants is greatly reduced. 

As my mentor Dr. Tannenbaum often said. “ONWARD AND UPWARD”!!!


Roland and Maja

Allow me to be a proud father. Arielle graduates next week from the most recognized global OD program, Pepperdine. The key mentor of Pepperdine’s MSOD program was my mentor, Dr. Robert Tannenbaum of UCLA.



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  1. freddiejberg Says:

    Truly amazing introductions. And, we like the smiles. More, elucidation, gracious please.


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