Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance, the Black Panthers and Whole System Transformation.

Millions around the world were blown away from Beyonce’s halftime show at the super bowl. Perhaps only a few understood the significance of the message both in costume and lyrics. 

In case you missed the really big historic show

Simultaneously, Maja and I were working (texting)  confidentially with regional urban youth leaders.   During the SuperBowl, a historic meeting in the USA was occurring. Stay tuned. Maja and I  are working non-stop while doing our best to lift up all in the world.

Right now,  we are working within the system to help those being neglected by the system. While our focus is health, the connected emotional issues are race and the Muslim Non-Muslim relationships in the Great Lakes Region of the USA.  Those of you who know me, understand that to help a part of the system one must work the whole system.

I was privileged to work personally with the Black Panthers on the South Side of Chicago.  Beyonce revives in her Super Bowl show the spirit that was kindled then.  Perhaps only a very few of you are interested. In any case, the people I would like to interest are my loved core clients in emerging countries. The road to freedom for all has only just began. Be patient. Your time is coming.  Whole System Transformation (WST) is a social technology that engages everyone in non-violence process. WST emphasizes working in peace and joy for the upliftment of all.

The Black Panther’s spirit still alive at Super Bowl 5O 

Now the historical story. I was doing graduate work in OD. In 1969 and 1970, my internship was on the South Side of Chicago working with the Chicago Police.  I trained them to develop instant relationships with minority youth on the streets. I also worked closely with the Black Panthers and Mayor Daley’s  white neighborhood that was surrounded by the African American communities.  Oh! The stories! Essentially I was doing community OD/change work.

This link to a documentary conveys the Black Panther historical perspective.

One little side story. It was the Black Pathers that helped me stop the street fighting (Yes. Killings.) between the White and Chinese folks. I was the only person who had a trusted relationship to all conflicting parts of the system. At one point, I worked 36 hrs straight with no sleep. The guns were  loaded and pointed. All parties had been in my community T-groups. For those of you who do not know, T-groups better than any other learning experience that I am aware of;  develop interpersonal relationships. I had a trusted relationship with all sides. I was not for any contingency. I was for the entire community. This story shows that T-groups give the field of organization change foundational learning regarding the importance of relationships as our organizations’ change and transform.

As I reflect on the above, I am becoming aware of the new trend regarding all of us examining our biases towards others who are different. My dream is that we all understand and accept differences on our way to becoming interdependent.

PS: Dr. Crosby and I are, as far as I know, the two surviving T-Group leaders that have employed extensively T-Group Theory and Practice into transforming Executive  Teams and transforming entire enterprises.  Dr. Crosby writes about T-Groups in my just released Fourth Edition of Practicing OD.

Here I am with Dr. Crosby who is in the purple hat. His son is on the left and Dr. Nancy Zentis, my associate from ODI on the right.


Dr. Crosby is one amazing man. Clearly “living OD”  for one’s entire life has it’s glorious benefits. He is one happy man!!

Dr. Nancy is an amazing woman. She is living out with passion all she is learning in OD. She just may be the leader in bringing OD to the rest of the world via her OD certificates and online programs via ODI.

Below are three of the breakout groups we were texting to during the Super Bowl.

IMG_1694        IMG_1689   IMG_1693

One Response to “Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance, the Black Panthers and Whole System Transformation.”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Relax. The world is moving into the Age of Aquarius. An age where corruption dispates because of the Internet and the great tensions of the world start to see the common good of goodness.


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