The Transformation of Coaching and Feedback!

(I share a post for my Pepperdine Alumni peers)

In the research on the future of OD by Dr. Church and Burke that we just published in my Practicing OD – 4th Edition indicates that coaching along with positive interventions and system focus is on the leading edge of organization change.

I believe the day of individual coaching is going to be a thing of the past without it being integrated into whole system transformation. Now I’ve just had a new insight this moment. I believe that what’s needed is whole system transformation integrated with peer coaching system-wide.

And I believe what separates the Pepperdine MSOD people from most of the other coaching people in the world is that they have mastered feedback more than others.

Oh. Here are a couple of brand new great videos on feedback created by my wife, Maja.

Now that Dr. Pareek and the Seashores have left us, Dr. Irv along with the Seashore’s student, Dr. Bloom, are in my mind, the two living senior publishers of Feedback in the NTL or OD linage.

It really is a must-see video, because he has some insights I’ve never seen anywhere else. Such happens when one’s primary focus in life, since their twenties, has been focused on one key element – OD and Feedback integration.

For those of you who are new to the change management world. Lewin, the prime founder of the organization change movement was the first ever to use the word feedback in a human context. Originally, it was an engineering term dealing the likes of temperature.

Now feedback is a household word.

Let me know if u cannot view these.

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