A Personal Story of Roland’s Provenience In Respect With Transformation

All these women (Pearl, Terri, Sue, Maja) know each other. Clearly they are on the leading edge. Dr. Perla and I experience regularly super intuitive connection. Such I believe is one of the new OD competencies.

With Dr. Perla on the left who inspired this video. Maja in the middle took and edited the first video posted below. Thank you to both of them.

Kindly accept me just being me. I spent 7 years leading T-Groups. One of the results was becoming comfortable in my own skin. I learned from Dr. Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy founder) that when I am uncomfortable  in the relationship with others, I am projecting my own unease. Know that my intention is to inspire you to transform and discover your own personal provenience regarding who you are.  Your comments are welcome. Would love to hear how you have become who you are.

What I do know is that my personal transformation has only just begun. I expect a paradigm shift around my identity in the next year. How will you change?


Oh. I must mention two other people who were significant in my transformation journey. One is the distinguished Professor Peter Koestenbaum. http://www.pib.net/  Our videos can be searched on YouTube, “Sullivan Mastering Change.”

Peter is a mystic. Peter is, in my mind, the most significant business philosopher of the last and current  century.  Peter and I have integrated Leadership and Whole System Transformation.

The other is my best friend Mr. Al Orsello. We invented the Whole System Model together in the early 70’s with our clients… Grace High School and the State of Minnesota.

Erratum: In the first video, Roland was in his 20’s not 20 when he led T-Groups/Encounter Groups at Loyola University in Chicago.  Second clarification: Dr. Perla founded the current number one PhD program in OD outside the US.

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