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Free Chapter: One Of Our Best Corporate Transformation Cases Ever

December 24, 2015

Today is my wife’s birthday. In her honor, I share the Semen Indonesia story where she helped me move the share price according to Bloomberg from 7,500 to over 12,000 USD just while we were doing our 7-month intervention. Our local transformative change agent, Dr. Iwus is still working with them. As most of you know, my professional purpose is to transfer Organization Transformation competency to super consultants. Our mode of operation is to help people like Dr. Iwus continue with the client system without us. Something that is unheard of from the big consulting firms.

This chapter is published along with another eight Global Chapters at the Wiley Practicing OD website. They are available only if you purchase our just released “Practicing OD: Leading Transformation and Change”, Fourth Edition-2016. Sorry. I wish I could give you the entire book, but I must respect working with the largest publisher of the world in Industry Trade.

At least, we can share a sample chapter. It is our gift because “Tis the Season”!

Have your best year ever. We intend to do so. Our dream is to work in the city that will have the tallest building in the world by 2020. Plus transform our “self as an instrument of change” again spiritually.

God. As the year closes, I thank the Universal Divinity for the great success my daughter​ has had following in my footsteps. Right now as a Millennial, she is changing the top of the house of a Fortune 77 US Corporation and is writing her thesis​ (in a hammock today in Mexico) in the absolute best global OD Masters program in the world at Pepperdine.

Enjoy a joyous year yourselves.

Roland for Maja and Arielle.

The Chapter by:

Balasi & Vijjayakumar, (Chairperson
Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership (C SOL)
Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS))

Dr. Dwi, the CEO of the case was incredible​ to work with.

Sugiharto, a recent Minister of State Owned Enterprises in Indonesia said this of Dr. Dwi:

“A transformation will not succeed if it is not supported by a strong CEO like Dr. Dwi’s leadership character, who is assertive, strategic in vision, competent and personally charming.”

Yes. Dwi is all of the above: plus he is disciplined​ in the marshal arts and highly spiritual. It was fun working with a CEO where not an alcoholic​ drink was ever in sight.

As an executive team, we spoke honestly in a safe process, sang, danced, cried in joy, prayed openly and worked very hard in harmony.

The key was the CEO team becoming and being one heart and one mind in phase one.

In the second phase, all the top to middle managers became ONE with the CEO team.

Dannenmiller my mentor called it “Realising The Magic. I say no. There is nothing magical about transformation or a shift in identity and performance. It is just using the right and a “wholistic” structured process and facilitation​ philosophy​ (available from me, just for the asking).

Dr. Dwi recently was promoted so to speak to lead a corporation that has a vision of being the leading energy company in SE Asia!!! He is a man who knows how to utilize​ OD consultants to bring vision into reality integrating leadership transformation with culture transformation and business goal attainment with innovative production. (They created the most productive plant ever the world in their industry!!!)

Few change management​ cases do such. They are expensive, non-wholistic, or piecemeal while meeting strong resistance.

Transforming Any Team: How I have been team building since 1978

December 23, 2015

Professor Imon from India is inspiring me to re-do these videos with him and in the process upgrade their professional demure.

Your feedback is needed and welcome.

I would be specially interested in hearing your stories of how you have applied by share.

Yes I know it is extensive but I don’t know any quicker way to create transformation in a team.

There are 4 videos around 7 minutes each.

Hope 2016 will be your best year ever. I know that it will be for our family.

A fantastic interview with Tim on organization development and change management

December 19, 2015

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