Why Work with Large Groups?

Large Group Interactive Event

A quote I found from the 70’s in my old papers.

“I have facilitated more change in a three day large meeting than I could have if I were their external consultant for two years” – Ken Blanchard.

Ken Blanchard is the author of The New One Minute Manager. 

I was in a T-Group at NTL with Ken in the 60’s. 

He is a multi-millionaire now just consulting from what he learned in the T-Group. 

Both my phases in my Whole System Transformation modality are founded in the T-Group philosophy.

One of the most significant trends in organization development and change is the FACILITATION OF LARGE GROUPS of individuals with the intention of creating fast and lasting change.

Why Work with Large Groups?

Inviting “the system” into one room is one of the most effective solutions to today’s common problems concerning chaotic, random and surprise change. Founded on basic tenants of human and group dynamics, this process transcends all cultures, industries and types of communities and organisations. People of extremely diverse viewpoints can collaborate and reach a common understanding, which yield a collective determination to identify and accomplish specific goals.

We know it is possible to deepen the dialogue between leadership and the entire organization. Top management often seeks interactive conversation that identifies common ground and leads to committed action. Large group work stimulates conversation and action more quickly, effectively, and economically than small group facilitation. This cooperation is possible between as many as 2,000 people working in the same room simultaneously.

One of the goals of Large Group Events is to release a collective energy into the system. The event Design Team must ensure a solid connection between the direction provided by the entire organization.

The skills learned in large group interventions transfer rapidly into the organization for diffused implementation and continued organisational learning.

One Response to “Why Work with Large Groups?”

  1. Julie Says:

    I agree, Roland.

    We also need some research studies to be conducted so that consultants can use them to persuade leaders that large groups WORK.


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