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My relationship with one of India’s greatest leaders

July 28, 2015

Yogi Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam—India’s 11th president has just left his body.

Allow me to share a true story. Early in his life, Sri Sir Kalam made a yogic pilgrimage to visit Sivananda in Rishikesh. Sivananda selected him out of a large group of over 200 people to meet with him privately. Sivananda inquired regarding Kalam’s low energy.

Kalam said, “I want to be trained as a pilot to join the Air Force but I have just been rejected admission.”

Sivananda said, “Worry not!  Serve, love, purify, meditate and  one day you will become the President of India. He then gave him 20 of his yoga books and sent him on his way.

Indeed, many years later Kalam became India’s 11th President.

I also was involved with him at EMPI where Dr. Udai Pareek’s (India’s first OD guru) daughter teaches. Kalam frequented to give the annual Innovation awards for all of India.

Kalam often is heard on YouTube proclaiming the teachings of Sivananda.

Sivananda is on my mind each and every day. Right now I am again listening to one of his 400 books in English titled, “Thought Power.”

5 Questions to Create a Compelling Purpose for Change- edited from my friends… the Axlerods

July 1, 2015

5 Questions to Create a Compelling Purpose for Change

Emily Axelrod contributed to the ongoing conversation over at Switch & Shift with this guest post.

“We need to cut 30 million dollars from operating expenses.” What is your reaction to this purpose statement? Do you want to join the effort or sit on the sidelines?

Purpose from the HeartIf your change process lacks purpose, you are lost. You won’t know where you are going and you may not even know how to get there. If your purpose lacks meaning, you end up disengaging the very people you need to engage.

A hospital steering team began to address this 30 million dollar cost reduction problem by clarifying their work’s purpose.  While this may seem obvious, the conversations they had were not.

Tips for Creating a Compelling Purpose

The steering team discussed the following questions in order to create a compelling purpose:

1. What do you want to create as a result of working together?
2. What will be different because this group worked on this project?
3. In order to do what?
4. To what end?

The questions stimulated by Maja and myself (Roland) from the above are:

1. Our business results will be…

2. What will b different because of our dramatic shift or transformation?

3. What will we b capable of doing in 12 months that we can not do now?

4. Describe what we will aspire to.

5. Why is transformation a must now?

Most likely we need to find time to have one question for each of the brain centers.

The above needs to b integrated into the below. All our transformation work needs to engage the 4 major functions of the brain.

Whole Brain Leadership Underpinning Whole System Transformation Journeys

  • 4 quadrants of the brain- Explore . Preserve . Pursue . Control.
  • I explore on what matters to pursue purpose (Whole Brain Leadership)
  • I preserve with who matters to support and live our purpose (Heart)
  • I pursue on purpose priorities on what needs to be done in culture value (Action and Commitments)
  • I control holding all accountable to standards with disciplined execution to achieve our purpose. ( Business Results)

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