Another Whole System Transformation Case Published

We received the following message on Facebook from who I  believe is the most effective CEO in Indonesia. The President of the country pulled him from PT Semen Indonesia and now he is President and CEO of SOE oil and gas, PT Pertamina. He aspires to lead them to be the premier energy corporation in SE Asia.

Dr. Dwi Soetjipto  “Roland. As a step to record the experience for leading the whole system transformation of PT Semen Indonesia, I have made the book  “Pride of Nation : The Corporate Transformation of Semen Indonesia” as a form of shared experience, and hopefully can inspire for all to achieve better performance… We could not have done so without your help!”

My local partner, Dr. Iwus will publish the case from a change process study. Dr. P. Vijjayakumar from the Center for Social and Organizational Leadership at the famed Tata Insitute of Social Sciences will write up the highlights story with me as Maja and I remember it. Never in my history have I had a group laugh louder and longer over a 2 hour period than in this experience.

Click here for a 20-second video of the group making music with indigenous instruments.

Click here for a 6-minute video. The first 2 minutes describe how I started the Semen consult. The next few minutes talk about how my daughter got started doing the same kind of work. Skip the last 2 minutes because I am selling my process to those who wish to learn it. My focus in life now is just teaching others who wish how to make transformation happen.

Our Case published:

The Recognition Presentation of Transformation Occurring from our Whole System Transformation effort.

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