Have been asked to renew WST LinkedIn group: WST and Sex

Russ Briggs, a member of our Linkedin asked me why sexual harassment is not a good primary focus for whole system transformation.

Here are my 2 cents:

WST touches the heart mind and soul of the organization collectively. Simply, the system does not care about sexual harassment as a whole.

The executive team is under so much pressure that they have a little time to have a conversation about sexual harassment. Their solution is let HR and the lawyers deal with it so we can get on with their work

From a creditable Facebook or Linkedin source today. 88% of today’s leadership style is geared for production or manufacturing. Only 8% of organizations today focus on such. Leaders, especially in manufacturing systems essentially have a philosophy that doesn’t care about humanity or people being scarred for life through sexual harassment. They just care about profit, quality and shipping on time, customer satisfaction, beating their competition etc.

Of course, there are exceptions. One exception is my client since 1978. Twin Cities Die Castings. Current owner Doug deeply cares about his people. He learned from his father, Jim Harmon, what it meant to be responsible for their families well being. My challenge was that there was no turnover for maybe 25 years in the top team. It has taken me until this year for the top to realize that consequences for lack of performance is a must. (Thank you to what I learn from John Spence here on LinkedIn).

Now I believe, as Russ has indicated to me personally that in order to resolve the sexual harassment issues in a system; all sectors must be involved. I agree. Whole System Transformation requires breakthrough large group interactive events. There is no way management is going to spend the time & resources on such a topic when it is faced with chaotic, complex, surprising, ambiguous, vulnerable and change dynamics in its environment.

In fact, the new drift from the Drucker Institute says if our companies do not see transformation as a priority, they are in deep trouble. At their recent summit in Europe with 2,500 in attendance, they concluded that most managers do not have a clue about how to create enterprise-wide shifts. Shifts like the caterpillar becomes the butterfly where there is no reverting back to the old culture.

I do know how to facilitate transformation and we keep getting better at it each year.

The OD and the Change Management people and big consulting firms WILL figure how to foster Transformation sooner than later.

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  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Link for WST Linkedin for any of you interested.



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