An invitation to publish with me: One of Asia’s greatest transformation cases

I will be publishing with one of the leading CEOs in Asia the transformation case that he and I lead with my local change agent, Dr. Iwus.

Not long ago a PhD student  interviewed me in depth about the case for her thesis. The interview is 25 pages. It was recorded and transcribed.

I invite you to turn the pages into a publishable document that will include your name.

Additionally I will share the client file with you along with numerous pictures and many videos. You will learn.

Maja,  my associate, and I  just do not have time to edit and make it presentable. I do believe there is rich learning  for you and others that we wish to share.

I have this play of transforming organizations figured out.

My  life’s purpose now is sharing my legacy with others.

Contact me at if interested.

The results are extraordinary. The CEO has published a popular book led by our effort.

I will video his view next week and publish the case with Dr. Iwus, Dr. Dwi, & Ms. Balasi.

Our publication will be quite different than what I’m inviting you to publish.  What you will publish will be much more useful to practitioners.


Someone told me that a tagline for me should be:

Everyone is talking about transformation these days but Roland actually does it!!

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