A current definition of change agent

The following was part of a send to me just now.

Change Agent …. noun
A person or thing that encourages people to change their behavior, attitudes, and knowledge.

Change agents are leaders who cut across the organization and its business units without regard to the traditional hierarchy.
– McKinsey Quarterly

I was just thinking that I know only of other original 100 Change Agents still living that started in the change and OD world before I did in 1962. If you know of more, kindly let me know. I think Peter Block started in 1968 if I remember correctly from his story of how he got started. He tells the story as do other founders in our online section of Practicing OD with Wiley.

They are:

Robert Crosby. He started in the 50’s and is the most experienced T-Group leader. He and I more than anyone else have built our work on the T-Group. He is publishing with me these days. Both my team building or phase 1 of my standard structured process and phase 2 with large groups come right from the theory and principles of the T-Group. Both Dr. Crosby and I have figured out how to take the risk out of the transformation experiences that we all went through in the 60’s.

Irv Rubin from MIT. He is the living expert on Feedback. He has the only book out there on feedback. His mentor and mine, Charlie Seashore also had a book just dedicated to Feedback or Feedforward. I am publishing Dr. Rubin’s latest work on feedback now.

Ed Schein, my professor at Pepperdine and key author in all my practicing OD Editions.

All three of the above are active on Linkedin these days.

Another key person in the original 100 club is Warner Burke. WWB is known for defining the field organizational change. He heads the most important Ph.D and Masters program in social organizational psychology at Columbia. Social psychology was coined by Kurt Lewin. I believe that Group and Organization Social Psychology is one of the best preparations to do OD. Warner started a year or two after I did.

And the only women I know still living is Billie Alban!

She is not real active these days in OD. She likes to spend time with her family and grandchildren. We will publish her latest work at the National Organization Development Network special section where my fellow editors ( Rothwell and Stavros) will b doing an extended Wiley Practicing Organization Development publication

Dick Beckhard a close friend with all of us said that to be an original change agent you had to be having organizational development private consulting your full time employment in 1967. He says in his “Change Agent” book that there were 100 of us in 1967. Yes. We all knew each other. We all at one time or another we’re hanging out at NTL.

We just lost Roger Harrision to the heavens this past month. I will publish his last work on organization love. He was the key OD person in Europe and is famous for the organization Iceberg theory. He said that the real life of the system is below the safe water line of conversation. What OD really does is to bring up the truth in a safe way that automatically creates positive change. Billie writes such in the fourth edition of my Practicing OD. It will hit the book shelves in Sept. 2015.

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