Evidence of Sustainment in WST

Hi Roland,

My design team, logistics team and I are here in Hamburg, Germany preparing for the 5th ICT Summit.

Our executive sponsors this year are (xxx) (you know) and (xxx) you have not met).

At 13:00 CET, I’ll be doing my Welcome presentation kicking off the summit ☺

Pam, Paul and I send you our warmest regards. You are very much in our spirit whenever we do a summit.

May the force be with you and with us!

P.S. I’ll try to book a slot to skype you this weekend. Speak to you soon my guru!


One Response to “Evidence of Sustainment in WST”

  1. rolandsullivan Says:

    Thought you might like to hear the results of the above Summit. WOW!! They keep getting better ever year.

    “Dear Roland,

    I am happy to share that our fiftth ICT Summit last week in Hamburg went very well. Some told me that it was the best one yet. On the core team with me were Pam, Paul, and Roger whom you know and they have been with me for all five summits. I had a new core team Nicola who is in his early 30’s. Each year, I have a design team with a mix of new and past design team members. This year I have a very cross-generational mix and they were all awesome.



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