Positive Whole System Transformation & Whole Brain Literacy: sharing of a private email to a client

Building on Dr. Perla Tayko’s suggestion of encouraging all participants to journal… I suggest that we adopt all recommendations in this incredible video at our “Together, Go for the GOLD”- all company 3-day-summit coming up in May this year. The amazing CEO Jaresak can take us through a meditation session.

The positive activities coming into the organization can give us evidence for great business results for the amazing CEO Jaresak. And the big data will support the book, Khun Jaresak wishes to write with us.

I am totally serious regarding the system wide actions mentioned in the video. They can be done and then our yellow smile symbol on our graphic will be more of a reality.



Business partner, Maja and I are leaving now on a Holy Week silent retreat with the Center for Ignatian Spirituality (CIS) to renew our divine spirits so we will only be in contact with you Easter week. We will be staying in San Jose Seminary while the seminarians are on summer vacation. I am sure it will bring back happy memories of my 5 years in a seminary back in the USA. Maja has done such annual retreat (30-day-retreat as her longest) for almost 20 years.

On a personal note. Easter Sunday is the best day of the year for me. It is the time I celebrate immortality. I do not believe in death. There will be NO public funeral for my divine life celebration. Just a Youtube video for the world to dance with me in moment of my transformation. I will be asking no one to shed a tear of sorrow. I believe positively in life for ever and ever. Our bodies drop away. I believe our Dr. Perla’s WHOLE BRAIN Literacy model is immortal. Easter symbolizes such. Therefore I have a duty to teach people what Pearl is teaching us. And she models positivity better than any OD person I know. She is the future of our field. Such is why I awarded her the Lifetime Achievement award from the Asia OD Network a number of years ago. Such is why she has been recognized last year as Bagong Bayani in the annual award from the Philippines who has had the greatest positive impact on the world. Thank you, Dr. Perla for modeling us each day I have been with you what it means to be positive.

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