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Am starting world tour in India to present my solution to some saying OD and Change Management must be transformed

February 23, 2015




Here is our first stop in Mumbai

Bangkok next.

Essential Resources for Whole System Work

February 21, 2015

I had my first lab with Barry in the early 70’s. He is one of my top 12 living OD people that I listen to.

We used his top, middle and bottom concepts when we transformed a group of over 300 for three days. The awareness and transformation that resulted was extraordinary !!

Here is my new thought. Playing on his words of Power and System.

I believe that my WST work has the potential to help the internal change agent become the most POWERFUL PERSON IN THE SYSTEM. Because they have control of the organization process. And of course, the top, middle and bottom issues shift towards the positive because WST fosters one heart and one brain ( Myrsini Dannemiller)


February 20, 2015

Evidence of solid group dynamics. Credit to a new associate, Dr. Horne  from Linkedin

For me, the picture of the group above evidences an ideal small-group cultural setting for team change to happen. Research says that when one’s shoes are off, one is more creative. Note person in the center with no shoes. The group is the perfect size for team learning (8). They are in close proximity and relaxed. There is no table in front to block communication. They r not sitting theater style. This sitting looks like something that would happen in Silicon Valley… one of the most innovative organization culture domains of the world.
Ok, rest of the world you have a model pictured above with how to change the room so that change can happen. The place to start being a change agent is with the room you r in or the group you r with.

Picture credited to Dr. Horn, a great change master from Linkedin.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FROM AFRICA. Reflect on this remarkable media show!

February 9, 2015

MITCH is a dear friend.

This is worth reflecting on. Love is what makes the world go round. I am in love. Am trying to become Love more and more each day.

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