The Assumption University view of OD impact

Assumption University of Thailand in my opinion has one of the best OD Masters and Ph.D program outside the USA.

Their website conveys Transformation and Change!

I see transformation as a great leap toward positive aspirations. So much so that one can not return to old habits and attitudes. The caterpillar becomes the butterfly.

I see change as learning to move in a more incremental manner towards one’s aspiration.

I saw the following on their web site. It simply states what OD impacts.

“Impacts of OD

1. Individual – a personal change and transformation.

2. Team and Intergroup – a functional-wide change and transformation.

3. Organization – An organization-wide change and transformation.

4. Community and Nation – whole systems change and transformation regardless of industry,(Roland’s addition: Culture or Aspiration) for sustainable development and change.”

Now to be competent in all of the above is the challenge.

I believe all starts with number 1, that is, personal transformation.

My aspiration for the New Year is to personally transform my self to incredible new heights.
Such will require persistent & tremendous courage, willpower and discipline. Such requires my life time continued focus on my internal world or realization of my true self.

I expect to practice and practice the development of myself as I facilitate my clients’ transformation. On a daily basis, I must challenge myself through reflection. I need to commit or re-commit to a personal excellence.

So there you have me for the new year. May your New Year bring your best year ever!

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