Leading and Integrating Change and Transformation with a Focus on the Business, Talent Growth, and Organisation Development

I have been aware of the following research or strong views by experts that I trust:

A recent Harvard research with over 1000 CEOs and executives globally have given leadership development programs a big fat “F”.

It is common knowledge that 60 to 70% of all change efforts right now fail.

Prof. William Rothwell, who leads the number one HRD graduate program, in the United States indicates that only 30% of talent development initiatives are in existence after three years.

The inimitable Meg Wheatley says that global change is so fast, so uncertain and so chaotic that we no longer can do traditional strategic planning.

The USC research indicates that the successful organizations are those that are agile or have the ability to become change agent organization.

The most recent IBM global CEO research says that we must be connected and nimble or agile in our organization life.

And finally, the person who made the term culture, a household word, says that cultural development must not occur in a vacuum but must be integrated with strategic change.

Kathie Dannemiller, coining the phrase real-time strategic change in the late 70s, was ahead of her time because her facilitative method was wholistic and driven by the surfacing of real-time data safely that then would lead to transformation.

Thus, I wholeheartedly support what David Jamieson is setting forth in this BPI webinar.


How do you see this resonating with what’s going on in your organization?

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