Eureka! Just heard that Airbus will do their fifth annual Whole System Transformation Summit

For those that are really interested, contact me and I will share privately to you the latest publication of the case in the 10th edition73545_456047357534_6568635_n of a major book.

Daughter Arielle with the CIO, Guss of EADS behind her. Guss, just won the CIO of the year for Germany. And Peter, who Airbus recruited from Volvo to head up Strategic Planning. We had quite a challenge to get him to distill his 25 page powerpoint of the strategy to 4 pages so he could hold the attention of the top 300 executives.

Arielle because she was the youngest had to wear the oldest headset.She was so  good that Airbus brought back a second year to run the whole Logistics show.

The results of the summits that I started there have produced results that are absolutely incredible.

Some of the results are so profound that they can never be told publicly or even privately

Of course, key was my student from Pepperdine University, Susan D. who lead the internal change agent effort. She called me today from France to announce the great news following her leading the top team transformation lab (that I am famous for).

The team decided that they must have the summit again.

Doing a Fifth summit March of 2016 evidences of my ability to help an organization sustain a process to master agility.

Sustainment is the fourth element of the Burke model that I follow religiously.

2 Responses to “Eureka! Just heard that Airbus will do their fifth annual Whole System Transformation Summit”

  1. Julie Smendzuik-OBrien Says:

    Terrific updates, Roland!

    *JulieJulie Smendzuik-O’Brien, MPA, MA, CMQ/OE*

    *Ph.D. Student, Fielding Graduate UniversitySt. Paul, Minnesota, USA*

    *”Man – despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication, and his many accomplishments – owes his existence to a six inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.” [Author unknown] *


  2. rolandsullivan Says:

    Thanks Julie. You and I have shared the growth and development of our daughters together over the years. As I learned from Jack Gibb in my PhD program, the application of our OD theory must first start by my modeling the proper attitudes and behavior within one’s family.


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