Roland’s Forward to Dr. Rao’s upcoming book of “Leadership Stories”

I am famous for telling stories as I teach leaders around the world how to lead organization change and transformation.

Why do I do so?

Because story’s are one of the best ways to support change and learning.

As I reflect on this honor to be invited by one of India’s International leadership gurus in Professor Roa, I came up with the following principles for storytelling.

  1. Tell your story with universal appeal so that it touches everyone in a familiar and personal way
  2. Practice, practice, practice until the delivery is shared smoothly in a natural and genuine manner – do not forget the humor
  3. Ensure that your story elucidates clearly the priority teaching point of the moment
  4. Tell your story to transform your self as you develop and grow beyond your own real stories of life
  5. As the leadership guru of the last century and my professor Dr. Warren Bennis said:
    1. make an emotional connection that is authentic
    2. have a conscious self awareness of your impact


  1. In sum, share stories that are:


  1. Fast paced
  2. Accurate and truthful
  3. Entertaining
  4. Dramatic
  5. Captivating and engaging
  6. Persuasive
  7. Meaningful
  8. Supportive of action and commitment that create positive individual and system change.

Now allow me to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, as I was reflecting on life after doing yoga for 7 years, an internal mysterious and indescribable joy began to rise from my meditative sittings. Living in Chicago, I scanned the yellow pages and found an add by Sri Nerode that said. “Have taught Yoga alone in the USA since 1920.” After meeting with him on a regular basis, I learned that he was the first man from India to marry a Caucasian woman from the United States.  Shortly after the wedding, the announcement was made on the front page of the Bombay Newspaper.  You can Google “Yogananda wedding” to see the cermony that occurred in 1931. After his transformative leap to the “Divine Life, Srimati Agnus, his wife, was one of the official presiders at my wedding.

Now that the stage is set, here is the true story.

I was with Sri Nerode on his 90th birthday.  He told me that he transformed more in the last year of his life than he did his entire life.  Wow! What a declaration! For those of us who are consciously growing, developing and transforming, the best is yet to come. Commit right now to lead a beautiful life of joy and bliss.

This past week, my mentor Dr. Warren Bennis transformed to the Divine Life. I have him as one as the most significant leaders of leaders in the last century. He was the consultant to four USA Presidents.

Warren shared with me that more change would occur the rest of our lives since the beginning of recorded civilization, 4500 years ago.

I have told that story in each and ever public lecture in the 40 countries and 1,000 systems I have consulted with since first hearing it in 1969. Think about it. The impact on your life is humongous.

A major theme over the years for Dr. Bennis has been that leadership development starts with Self-Discovery and Self Awareness. Stories can be a nice way for you to discover and be aware of who you are becoming on your path to being a extraordinary leader

More recently, Warren shared stories with me that I pass forward regarding how all our organizations are in a crucible. Thus, he said, strong powerful leadership matters more today than ever before.

Click here for Part II of III: In Memory of Dr. Bennis

Perhaps your increased greatness as a leader starts today by reading the contained here in stories from Prof. Rao. I implore you to feel an urgency to change and learn to become a preeminent leader day by day.

India has the potential to lead the world in all aspects by the end of the century or sooner. Such will happen faster and deeper if India masters leadership at all levels.

I invite you to become involved in Professor Roa’s dream of teaching 1 million students to become formidable leaders. Master your ability to be an awesome guide and your rewards will be tremendous.

Those that know me come to realize that I always have one more story.

This story is about the great Dr. Sivananda who brought me to Rishikesh, India in 1963 from the USA. Since then I have read 100’s of his stories that have inspired, challenged and lifted me to be more than I ever hoped to be growing up as a simple rural farm boy.

Master Sivananda also inspired, and lifted His Excellency, Dr. A.J.P. Abdul Kalam,
President of the Republic of India when he was depressed in his youth. Sivananda gifted Mr. Kalam 20 of his books filled with stories of how to live a beautiful life. Abdul gave credit to Sivananda for his leadership success. Reading books can change lives.

Hear now! Heed Professor Roa’s stories that teach us “Life Leadership” so you can go about leading an “Amazing Yourself.” If you change, others that you lead can increase their ability to lead living beautiful and realized lives!

Read this book seriously with in a spirit of self-discovery, awareness and contemplation as you commit to changing your life. Now! Today!




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