Warren Bennis: Reflects on the moment OD was discovered

Google “Roland Sullivans videos on vimeo   and look for the Bennis sector.

Sorry,  my WordPress expert is taking a statistics exam for a PhD in OD.

The second part is key as I read quotes from Bennis as he tells us what was discovered by Lewin in 1946.

I begin to tear up someplace in one of the videos because like that famous 1946 racial dialogical meeting, I had been involved in working race relationships on the south side of Chicago in the 70’s. It was in the Chicago community of Beverly where I did my T-groups weekly for 9 months. Beverly as far as I know, is the first community to stay integrated on the southwest side of Chicago. It still remains such today. The experiences I had were absolutely phenomenal. I owe all those experiences to my learnings at Loyola University under Professor Gerry Egan. My first text there in 1969 was titled “Organization Development” by Warren Bennis.

I learned first in the T-group to accept all people regardless of creed, race, or country origin.

May all in the world begin to realize what a wonderful world we will have if we can come to accept and understand those that are different.

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